Pics of loading dock........

Old 97

Here are a couple of pics to illustrate my idea of using an old flatcar
as a loading dock.

I built another one of my 10 min. dioramas to help make the scene.
The trucks were left on the car to give me the proper height that I needed,
but the wheel sets had been removed.

Had I allowed myself more time for this project, the proper dock supports would have been built.

At anyrate, I like the way it turned out so I'm planning on using this idea on my NY&W RR!!! :D
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Thank you two very much.
All those "details" were laying around the train room just begging to be used.
:D :D
JeffShultz said:
One suggestion: replace the trucks with wood or concrete blocks of some sort.

I agree! :D
I was in such a hurry to snap a photo and all, that I didn't allow myself enough time to build the proper dock supports. :rolleyes:
When I replicate this scene on my NY&W Railroad I'll have it done right!!