Photos with my new camera


I got these shots the other day with my new camera (Fuji Finepix S5200). It is definitely the best camera I have ever used for model railroad photos. Enjoy!
Quite fine INDEED! That camera has some very advanced features, how did you shoot these?
Thanks guys!

Ken: I took the photos in the manual mode that allows me to set the aperature and shutter speed. I also changed the white balance a bit to get the look I wanted. Though the camera technically is a point and shoot, it has plenty of features you'd find on SLR's. The star effect on a couple of the shots is from the long exposure time (Most of the shots were 8-15 second exposures).

Here are a couple more shots.
The "star effect" is indeed due to the long exposures, but not because of the time. The lens would have been closed down to a small aperture, and the light coming in around the closed aperture blades causes the star shaped highlights.