Photo Gallery


I've noticed that there have been very few photo gallery uploads so far.

I'm just wondering if folks are having a problem using the gallery? Have you tried to upload photos and not had it work? Is there some other reason you're not uploading photos?

Please, speak up, I'd like to make sure it's working and do whatever we need to do to make it useful to the forum members.

Don't worry if you're having problems, I could have something set incorrectly or there could be some other explanation why it's not working. Don't just assume you're doing something incorrectly. Even if you are making a mistake, all that means is that I need to make the instructions clearer so folks can easily upload.

So let me know if you've tried it out, and whether or not it worked.
Well for myself, much of my endevours are in the construction stage, but I guess photos of construction stages can be replaced by photos of the finished sections at a later date I'll pick some more out for upload.
Bob as far as I know the uploads work fine, I just click on Model Railroad Photo Gallery, when it comes up I click on upload photos and from there it's a piece of cake. If anyone needs help just ask, I'd be happy to pitch in and help also.
Cheers Willis
I'll have more shortly... of course, part of my problem is that I already have a gallery on my home server.
CP990 said:
Worked for me! No problemo.



I noticed that you uploaded a few photos, but you're on the staff so I wanted to be sure the settings worked OK for regular members too. It's been pretty quiet so far, so I thought I'd check and see what was going on.