Photo Fun for the weekend 06/17/2006

Steve B

I Guess it's my turn this week,

here goes, keep em coming in folks

We just saw a steam fan trip go roaring through this morning, 6233 was the loco in charge, we'll see her again later this evening on the return trip
Here she is speeding through Euxton junction on the west coast main line in Lancashire Carlisle bound in glourious sunshine with the temp allready around the 84f mark

Gotta love the vintage steam! I suppose everybody is out workin on their RR's still... im sure the pics'll be worth it thou!
Nice shots, Steve!

Here's a couple of fresh pics from the Platte Canyon Sub.

FT's departing Mine 4.

Same train as seen from a mine roofers view.
Steve, great photos. Do love those steamers!

Grande man, You posted while I was writing mine! Nice scene! I like the ties at the side of the tracks.

I haven't had much time to work on the layout last week and won't get to do a whole lot next week either, but business is good......

I have started constructing the first of 4 bridges that cross the gorge. The two high bridges will actually be one double track bridge when finished. It is half a simple Atlas kit with some scratch building around it. Here it sits on my workbench having the supports put in place.


Couple shots of a test fit on the layout.


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I finished my grain elevator


2-6-0 spots a 'MTY' boxcar

F3 makes a pickup at the Oelwein yard
Nice work guys!!

Went railfanning with the Family, up too Springfield to see the Mainline steam trust 4-8-2 coming home.




Boy was it ever snowing we pulled out just before it settled too much. ( I know what you guys will say, that's not snow!!)


Cool fun!!

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dingoix Love the new grain elevator, especialy with the bucket loader "spotting"!

NZRMac LOVE the snow shots!!!
I didn't like my attempt at my loco service depot, so I ripped it out and have done this instead.



The building is two Fratichi kits bashed together.

The far side of the fuel bay will be a dead end track. This end of the track by the tank will come back to the yard track and have a loco parking sideing.

Ken, I keep going back and looking at your "snow" shots. I do that just to make me feel cooler. It is in the low 90s here and humid..... The middle photo of #1236 is a classic! Can I borrow it for next years Christmas cards?
Great pic's and projects everyone, love the mine shot's Eric.
Ken, i have to say i prefer going out watching steam in winter but i'll settle for summer at present, that's a smart locomotive
Aerial shot (with yard to the right of the main)

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Great looking stuff gang:

Grande: Terrific stuff, as always. :)
Ray: That bridge is going to be cherry when you get her done, keep up the good work.
Dingoix: Nice grain elevator, looking sweet!
Ken: Love those snow shots they are wonderful. It looks like it was great fun. I like that bashed building too good work.
Brakie: Great Shot, made my day to see that one! :D
MLW:Your city looks fantastic, great work!