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Hello all!

I am new to the site and starting to build a N-Scale model train in my basement. I have looked over the site and you guys have some awesome setups. I hope to pick your brains for info! One of the 1st questions I have is this, on your benchwork do you use plywood (and what thickness), foam (again, thickness) or a combo of both?


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Welcome to the forum!!

Alot of guys just use 1/2inch plywood and roadbed (cork or WS foam).

Personally I'm using 12mm MDF and 12mm Pinex softboard (like homasote) and then WS foam.

I've never used foam as a base so can't comment



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As for me, my benchwork has 3/4-inch plywood, topped with 2-inch extruded foam insulation (a.k.a. "Dow board") - except for two industrial modules from my previous layout, those are homasote [also on 3/4" plywood]. Half-inch plywood would probably be OK, but I wanted something especially warp-resistant since my trainroom is a converted two-car garage.
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Hi teamanglerx and welcome to the forum. A good question and I'm fairly sure there won't be two answers the same :D
What did I use? Well the cheapest I could find. Frame work is 1" x 4" boards (strapping) with 2" x 4" for the legs all this wood was the cheapest and it dried for 2 years in my garage. Next was the plywood 3/4 inch stuff at no cost, was dumped almost in my back yard. They were building a new highway with overpasses and the smaller pieces (parts of sheets) used for cement forms were discarded after use. There was a lot of cleaning off cement to do but the price couldn't be beat, Anyway that's my story on materials except for the screws and glue I purchased new. ;)

Cheers Willis


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Foam, Masonite, chicken wire, and plaster cloth are my plans... Maybe plywood on the yard area's.


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My last layout was 1/2" plywood with 1" foam on top. This layout I'm going with 2" foam by its lonesome. Turns out I like working with foam. It's quieter, when I want it to be.


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Welcome to the forums, glad to have you here.

My layout has 1/4" birch as a tabletop and then 2" of 1" foam stacked one atop each other on top of the tabletop.

Looking forward to seeing more of you.



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Welcome aboard. We used 1/2' plywood. Some has foam on top, some is cookie cutter construction.


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Welcome teamanglerx, My 4x15 layout is 3/4 playwood with 3/4 inch Homosote on top of a heavy wooden table with 2by4 legs for added support , A bit of overkill but I can lay on top of the layout and get a lot of work done till I finish landscaping !!!!


My open-grid layout is framed with plenty of screws, 2x4 legs, 1x4 joists @ 16" centers, with 1/2" plywood top. I could dance on it. (I have fallen to sleep on it a time or two:eek: :D )


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