I am a newbie here and thought that I would drop a note to say hi and hope to learn somethings along the way and share things that I know as well. I have been in HO for, well since I could walk and talk for the most part. I do not have a layout as of now but I am helping a friend of mine build his. Also have a layout to operate on at my dads house. So far I like what I have seen here do far and hope to be here for quite a while.
Welcome to the forum, Raymond. I'm looking forward to talking trains with you. I think you'll find this to be one of the friendliest places on the web.
Welcome, hope you're ready to read allot of posts! (hehe), as Grandeman says, we're very friendly here.
Welcome Ray,

I belong to several forums but this one is my "home", you'll know why after you've been here awhile. Broad range of knowledge and experience levels - oh and BTW did I mention the people here are the friendliest bunch on the web? :D
Welcome aboard! This is my "home" forum as well!
You will find all the answers to your MR needs here from this great group of people. They are all just fantastic people!
Welcome Raymond;

This is my home away from home so to speak. I have a forum of my own, so when I'm not there I'm out cruising the other forums I belong too, including this one. I'm sure you'll like it here, I took an instant liking to it myself.
Welcome Raymond from the down under forum member!!

have a look around and join us in the coffee shop.

Ray, welcome to the forum from another Ray! I second what so many others have already said, that this forum is the friendliest around. Let us know when you need help and info. You will find us ready and able to give you a hand. So many great folks here on this site. That's why this is where I hang out. Don't forget to stop in the coffee shop, I'll buy you breakfast.
Welcome Raymond, Like everyone else has said great place to stop by and enjoy a cup of coffee and talk Model trains !!!!