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Howdy yall. Newbie here from Ky. Juust wanted to drop a line and say hi. I don't have a rr setup yet but I am planning as I travel the nations highways.(I am an OTR Truck Driver). But I am thinking of doing something like a L&N setup,not sure what I wanna do yet, but I am sure you guys will inspire me to come up with something brilliant. Well orders just came through on sattelite, gotta go. I will be back so dont say you werent warned:D

Steve B

Expyker welcome, hope you get what you want out of the site, there are some fantastic folks here


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Welcome aboard!!..Trucker huh?....Cool!!....Ever see the episode on "Trick My Truck" when they made the cab into a steam engine for the rail fan???..If ya get up Pa way ,,Jake-brake and toot on the way by!!


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Hey Thanks guys. If I get through PA I will certainly jake and toot my way through, actually am located out of Carlisle even though I live in KY. And as far as my thoughts on a L&N setup, they are gone already. I just found out about my new favorite RR. P&L Paducah & Louisville. They have a pretty sweet paint on there locos and run 2 special locos both GP38-2s one in a UK Wildcats scheme and one in a UofL Cardinals scheme. Not sure about the layout yet, gotta see how much space I have(probably not enough).

Google earth images here of the Louisville yard


And the jefferson riverport


Gotta see what i can dig up on Paducah yet
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Carlisle huh? Cool....I actually work in Carlisle too... I am a supervisor for the phone company there! I have relatives that drive for ABF out of Carlisle also... And I never miss the All-Truck show there either.. "Small world!!...But I wouldn't want to paint it!!!"


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Welcome, Expyker. You should be able to get most of that yard along one wall of the basement? :p


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Hi Expyker and welcome! I'm not a truck driver myself, but I too find myself doing alot of layout planning as I cruise down the highways.

Interesting P&L units - the RailPictures site has them labeled as GP38-2's, but their rear fan arrangements make them look more like GP40-2's [to my untrained eye anyways] - hey Josh, what do you think?


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Shoot Ken you're right, I didn't even notice that. From the looks of the Air Filter box on the roof, its a GP40... Rebuilt to 38-2 specs.


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Hi Eypyker and welcome ! really cool cruising the nation's highways . have you ever been to Buffalo, New York it's nice up here also !!


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I am totaly untrained so I would not have known the difference between the GP38s and the GP40s. I am glad that yall said something, btw someone else was talking somewhere on the internet about them being deturbocharged GP40s. P&L calls them GP38s on their website. I dunno, but I think they look cool. Maybe I will throw in a few of their old GP10s just for good measure

OldGettysk, yes I have been to Buffalo NY. Nice looking country, but seriously yall need to lighten up on the road:eek: Way too tense drivers up there:D Actually crossed the border there in Buffalo with my trainer.


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I did some research and discovered that yall are absolutly right. They are GP40-2s. I dont know though if P&L rebuilt them to GP38 specs or not. Good thing I found out before I actually bought any locos:eek: I do want to shoot an email to P&L and see what kind of info they can provide for me and whether they will let me come to one of there yards and shoot some pics.

A little info on P&L. They operate 265 miles of regional rail from Louisville to Paducah, with stops in Louisville, Vine Grove, Elizabethtown,Millwood, Beaver Dam, Jessup, Calvert City,Paducah, and Mayfield. According to their website( ) they operate 40 units: 1-GP39 2-GP40-2s 11- rebuilt mother/slug sets (GP40-3s/GP35s) 15- recently rebuilt GP38-2s.

They connect in Louisville with INRD, CSXT, LIRC,and NS. In Madisonville with CSXT. In Paducah with BNSF, and CN. And in Princeton they connect with FVRR. They are a full service railroad and handle a wide variety of goods including coal, bulk, lumber, and intermodal connections.

The more I search the more it seems that I might have picked a good rr to model. If not a little more than I am ready for, ut hey isnt that what mrring is about? pushing the limit on all aspects? Whaddya think?


Hi Expyker! Glad you made to our forum.
I love Kentucky. I was raised (1950's) in Owensboro and also near Madisonville...Providence, before moving to Alabama in my Sophmore year of High School. Some of the best folks in the world live in Kentucky.;) :D


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Regardless of what those 2 locos are called, they are certainly worthy of being modeled. I think the P&L is an excellent shortline, we have one similar to it in my area - the Maryland Midland railway.

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