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Hey all, I am a new member to this forum, and would like to introduce myself. My name is Larry i am 23 years old, and I live in Irondequoit, N.Y which borders Webster N.Y the home of NCE :) I have a 16'X8' Ho Layout that went up in November, I have had Model Trains since I was 7 years old along with my father who is also into the hobby but not so much into computers lol. We have had 2 Layouts in the past, and they get better everytime, with this one being the best yet. Even with knowing as much as I do, there is so much still out there to learn, and thats why I think this is a great community to share knowledge, and idea's with one another, and meet some wonderful people at the same time. I dont have any way of posting pictures at this time, but I do have a couple video's on youtube, my username is the same as for this site. I started finding interest in trains at a young age, I guess it all started when my parents used to look at houses every sunday, we would travel to different towns and villages, and, I can remember all the backyard railroads which are now gone, that would run threw the different towns, and something about that caught my interest in trains. It was like I always wanted to know where the tracks went, but I could never put everything together at my age. Then one day I was at my grandmothers house, looking threw the Sears Catalog, and I saw a trainset with mountains and houses e.t.c , from that point on I was hooked on getting a train. Some saturday in October, my mother decided to take me to a train shop in our town, which has now closed, but was known as "The Whistle Stop" I remember it was like a dream come true, so many things I didnt know what to do!! I remember leaving with my first issue of Model Railroader, which I still have. I remember I couldnt stop looking at it, just like the page in the sears catalog , but this was better it had so much more. As soon as my father came home from work, I showed him the catalog, and he began looking threw it, he made his way to the whistle stop without my knowing to get some knowlege on trainsets, at the time, the store owner had explained he didnt sell train sets, but the best way to go about it is to build one peice by peice, so he bought a locomotive, Transformer and test track. Took it home hooked it up, and became hooked as soon as he seen it move :). We both put together a 8X14 foot table, which we had 3 years of work into untill my mother made us dissassemble into another room b\c of space, untill 1996 when we reassembled the layout but to 16X8 and dissasembled it within a 1 1\2 years. One thing is that I never sold anything , and still have every car and building. I did sell the locomotives b\c of technology improvments, as well as upgraded to DCC vs Standard DC. With my electrical knowledge and experience , so far this layout is turning out to be the best one yet. Well thank you for reading this story , and Im happy to fill you in on my life story of model railroading :)


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Hi Larry and welcome to the forum! It's great that your dad also became interested while he was doing your Christmas shopping that year, what an excellent family-centered hobby!


Welcome Larry you will like it here,I've been around trains for over 40 years now and love them,Right now I'am doing "N" scale (the dark side) but my "HO" is in storage at the present (Do to a space problem)A great bunch of guys here!!


Hi Larry, welcome aboard. My Dad and I both share this hobby too.
Look forward to hearing more about your trains.

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Welcome to this forum Larry!!

I also didn't sold anything from my "old" layout stuff from the 80 ties and now I am back in MRR : glad I still have it!!



Hi Larry and a hearty welcome to you. I believe you will enjoy the posts and all the good friends on here.

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