New NCE entry into DCC.


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Did anyone see the new NCE entry into the low end DCC Market at the latest show? I understand from what I have read so far it will be a great low end, but totally upward compatable to the higher end NCE system.
Good post Bob, if you hear any more on this unit would you please post it as it kond of peaks my interest.
Cheers Willis

As I understand it, the New System being introduced by NCE is designed to operate smaller layouts where possibly no more that 6 engines would be operational at one time. The controller is identical to it's larger parent, with the only exception that straight out of the box it is a 1 amp system.

I saw and ad in MR last night for one for about a $130 + SH including the 1 amp system. :cool: There is a booster available for about $50 to add 3 amps to this system which would make it quite a nice system. From what I can see in the drawing of the Cab, it is identical to the Pro-cab model which makes it both 2 and 4 digit addressable system. This is a heck of a deal :eek:

I have had the full blown system for a couple of years now and I love all the features
Is that 6 engines operating at one time, or 6 engines total on the layout? If it's 6 operating at a time, it sounds like something that might work for me.
Is that 6 engines operating at one time
I believe that would work for me also (maybe) maximum of 14 engines on the layout with maximum of 6 addresses in use at any one time. Will have to do a lot more research though to make sure it's feasible.
Cheers Willis
That would be 6 operating at one time. Usually in some from of Consist. Or a couple of Consists. Most engines sitting idol draw very liittle if any current unless you leave the headlights on and the sound functioning. You also might have to be careful of the number of lighted passenger cars you have going at the same time. They might equal the power draw of an engine or two operating.
That would be 6 operating at one time
Then there would be no problem at all for me. Six would be the maximum but two at any one time would be the normal. Thanks Bob
Cheers Willis
I would probably just have 2 or 3 "m.u.ed" pairs of engines running at a time, max. So it's the current that is the limiting factor as opposed to number of controllers or number of addresses being used at a time?
So you might want to consider the the 3 amp booster. that would add quite a bit more to the capability.
You should also know that if you have locos just sitting on the layout, with sound and/or lights, they are drawing power. I remember somebody had 40 locos on his layout and his booster tripped when he tried to move a 3-unit consist. Figured out that all of the locos sitting put a big draw on the booster.

The other thing NCE told me at the show is that if you consist with just the new throttle and then plug it in, you lose the consist addressing since it's stored in the controller. When you plug it into the main layout, the info inside the controller is bypassed.

I think that's how it works...

thanks for the info Kennedy.

That would make sense as the cab becomes a slave to the full system, rather than the system itself. I am considering getting it as a separate system for programming without having to shut our system down everytime there is a problem or you have a new one to program.

Bob A.
How do you plug extra throttles into the controller throttle? I thought this was pretty much a "one throttle" system.

From what I understand you need to get another Power Cab and plug that into a UTP panel. I still haven't seen much more about it yet.

The new Power Cab is stand alone, in that it has a "controller station" built in, to include the 1 amp booster.

You can plug the Power Cab into a full-fledged Power House Pro system, whereupon the "controller station" is bypassed; the Power Cab becomes just like a regular Pro Cab. WHat this means is that anything stored in the "controller station" is not available to the Power House Pro system, because it's "controller station" is in the box.

So basically you can run one set of trains at a time... unless you can get one set running, and they'll keep running after you change the address on the controller?

Sounds like a prescription for disaster...
If the Power Cab is anything like its big brother you have the ability to recall engines. therefore you get one running hit recall enter the new engine address and get that going. then hit the recall to go back to the original. It just takes practice.
JeffShultz said:
So basically you can run one set of trains at a time... unless you can get one set running, and they'll keep running after you change the address on the controller?

Sounds like a prescription for disaster...

True, if you don't know what you're doing. I've had two trains with 3 addresses running simultaneously before. One of the trains had the Walthers rotary snowplow on the front; it had it's own decoder so I can vary the speed of the cutter. The two locos pushing it were consisted, and the second train was the freight that was going to follow.

So, I set the speed of the cutter, changed to the power, set them at a slow speed, changed to the freight train (also with a consist), and started them off when the plow train left the siding and got a bit ahead. I controlled the train, and let the plow train run by itself.

I had 5 decoders running in all.