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Here is a new supplier of Freight Cars.

They are a little pricey but are the best thing on the market. I have seen them first hand and they are absolutely AWESOME!

Basic car info

* Dimensional accuracy - scaled from Pullman-Standard plans
* Razor-sharp printing and paint separations
* Exact fonts and lettering placement - compare our replicas to the
prototype photos!
* Thoroughly-researched colors - check out our BN Cascade Green!
* Frame lettering where applicable
* “Lacy” end and underframe details
* Thin-profile brake piping
* Air hoses
* Scale-sized wire grabirons for durability
* See-through etched metal running boards and crossover platforms
* Nicely-detailed outlet gates (available as spare parts, too!)
* Weighted to NMRA specs for smooth operation
* Kadee® scale metal couplers
* Accurate 100-ton N-11 trucks with free-rolling metal wheels
* Models include customized details applicable to each paint scheme - tow
loops, jacking pads, ladders, Apex vs Morton running boards and
crossover platforms, and underframe crossmembers.
* Car number selection process - where possible, we select car numbers
from online or published sources, focusing on late era numbers to
represent more than 35 years in continuous operation.
* Designed, tooled, and produced in USA, with assembly in China.
* Recommended age 8 years and older.
* Model will operate on 18” radius curves


Been Nothin' Since Frisco
Pretty nice, and a nice price if you buy the kit (which is the camp I'm in). I'll have to see how well the Athearn 4740s in my collection move on ebay...
If you look in the "Buy Products" section on page 3 at the bottom there are two options for Undec kits. One with Apex slotted walkway the other with Morton round hole walkway. The are only $20.95 plus shipping.


Been Nothin' Since Frisco
It looks like USPS isn't an option. I just ordered one kit and selected UPS ground for a total of just under $30.

I'll finally be able to do this car:


I never wanted to build it from an Athearn car because of the detailing, decal work and weathering it will require, but this model will do the job just right.


Diesel Detail Freak
Cool Ryan, I'll be interested in hearing how the car is. I've hear no reviews yet. How about placing a review in the reviews section?


Entrepreneurial Teen
A review would be great! I'm looking for new product lines to carry. In the past week I've landed three new manufacturers, which will show up on my website soon.


Been Nothin' Since Frisco
The word on these cars is they are direct sales only. I don't know if that's subject to change or not, but it would be interesting to see if they start showing up in hobby shops eventually.

As far as reviews are concerned, usually for me it's very old out-of-production stuff. Because I rarely leave anything, kit or RTR, in it's original form, it's difficult for me to write a review that will have any relevance to anyone else. On top of that, I question how useful it would be reviewing something nobody can get.

However, in this case I'll be glad to do a review. It's been awhile since I got any new kits and this one will be built pretty much as it comes.

Grande Guy

grande guy

I ponied up the cash and bought 1 BN and 1 FGDA hopper from Tangent. I have a stack of kits to build so decided to work some extra overtime in order to splurge for decorated ready to run models. I recieved the models fast and let me say that they are awesome. The details are so fine, the grabs and ladders plus brake rigging are dead on. The detail is far better than both Intermountain and Proto 2000 hoppers IMHO:) I will definatley order more. If I get figure out how to post some pictures I would be happy to show them off.

Regards, Dave


New Member
Tangent Scale Models

I sold a bunch of stuff on eBay over the last couple of weeks to collect up enough money to buy a 12 pack of Milwaukee Road 4740. Paid for them on Saturday the 25th and the cars showed up in my mail on the 30th. They are extremely nice. I have posted some pictures in the review section.


Diesel Detail Freak
Does it come with Brake lines installed? I can't tell, I can see the train line connectors next to the coupler, but not the lines on the car.


New Member
My bad, I thought I had taken a pic of each side. Just posted a view that shows the brake lines.


Diesel Detail Freak
Nice, thanks! Looks like its one up on the P2K with the see through walkways, and the uncouple levers, though from the looks of it, its missing the brake actuator levers between the truck kingpins & the first bay (on both sides). Very nice though, might have to get me a set of BN.

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