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A friend of mine has started his new layout in O scale. It is a double mainline with the outside main being the SP. The inside mainline is his Nevada Western. There are two interchanges, one staging track and a coach yard on the SP track. The Nevada Western has a south yard and a north yard. Both railroads share the round house, turntable and RIP track. The north yard will have an ice house for reefers. A couple of team tracks will be placed and some warehouses.

The first picture is of the coach yard.
The second picture is the north yard and interchange.
The third picture is the south yard interchange and team track.
The time frame on this layout is 1946. Steam still was king and the diesel just starting to show up.

The fourth picture is the roundhouse.
The fifth picture is the turntable and to the right will be the rip track and caboose track.
The sixth picture is some of John's handy work.


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We don't see too many large O scale layouts on the forum, so this should be fun!

Is it going to truly O Scale, or more O Gauge (or O27, or Lionel, or whatever else you call it :rolleyes: )?
It is truly O scale, with 2-Rail track. It is DC, with the possibility of DCC in the future. We trouble shot today and seem to have fixed the problems. We test ran it for a while and found a couple more and fixed those. Our derailments were from operator error (human factor UP calls them :D ) The rational behind the WP VO-1000 was Nevada Western was testing it. Really they were, since John liked it so well he ordered one and it will be here next week.



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Looking at the pictures sure brings back memories!

First layout I ever worked on that wasn't HO, was an O gauge layout on the bay, south of Mobile. The layout belonged to Roy Keeley. Filled a three car garage, enclosed workshop and then some. It was 30x50' roughly. All traqck, except Purgotory Yard was handlaid code 172 rail. Atlas had just come out with their code 125 flex for O gauge, and a neat but weak F-9, this was 1972. The trackplan was based on John Armstrong's Canadaigua Southern. This is where I learned to handlay my track and turnouts.

Roy had many brass engines and even a few that the boilers were bronze. My personal favorite was his model of the L&N berkshire Big Emma. He had even put a PFM sound system in it. That sound coming out of a 3x6" speaker made todays sound systems sound like the old Tyco toy sound car, the one with the beads in a rolling drum!

His favorite was an old Max Gray, at least I think it was MG, N&W class A 2-6-6-4. The loco weighed right at fifty pounds and could pull a 125 car coal train around the layout without any problems. We did however have to put two real steel stringers under a bridge that was longer than the locomotive. The loco would actually cause the bridge to sag as it went across!
I went over to the Nevada Western today. John's TT is now wired correctly, thanks to a friend last week. Today John did some scenery work and I corrected a wiring issue on John's SP VO-1000.
Here are some more pictures.

1. Close up of my 70 tonner and his NW box car.
2. Another shot of my engine.
3. His SP VO-1000 on the SP main.


I've been meaning to respond to your post. Thanks for the story about Roy. That was about the time I was exploring Lionel and trying to go more scale in size. Those were good times, as were yours from your stories. I bet that 2-6-6-4 with 125 hoppers was a sight to behold. That is one thing about helping John on this layout. He has the track working good, electrical bugs worked out and now we're going to do scenery. It's fun to run a short operating session too. The one problem I have is, going over to a friend’s layout and trying to run in HO. Boy I found out that I have five thumbs. :D

Figured I'd bring this back to the top since more scenery work has been done. The first one is the Nevada Western hack clearing main street. The second one is the new icing platform. The third has the new hotel open for business. :D


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Very nice job with the layout and the scenery. It looks like his around the wall concept is really making maximum use of space for O scale.

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