new here


Hi every one just wanted to say HI

My daughter and me are just geting started in HO rr, I am glad I found this place seems to be alot of knowlege,

I was wondering if there were any members from around the Texarkana AR area and if there are any train shows within a hour or so drive from here

Welcome BIG DOG, I'm not what you'd call within driving distance!! come on over to the coffee shop I'm buying.

Hey Big Dog,
Woof WOof(welcome), I had my dog translate that for me.:D
A good spot to check on train show is Here's a link to the Events page. Just type in your zipcode on the right side, fill up the gas tank, stop by the ATM, and go have fun with your daughter.
I made a small 4'x4' HO layout with my daughter. I got the idea by the wife by saying it's just the right size for under the christmas tree. It's never seen the tree yet, hehe.:p I managed to include 3 siding, a passing/run around, mountains, rivers,etc. I couldn't believe it myself. It looks preety good so far. I'll put pictures up later... now off to work.

Always have fun w/ MRR.
Welcome to the page. I love working with my dad on the details and chatting on the computer with other railroaders! Hope you and your daughter have years of fun!

You can find a lot of train shows at: Events

As for people around you, we're as close as your keyboard.

And until you get your bearings, it's a good idea not to buy a lot without talking with us.
Thanks again everyone

right now my layout is on a 4x8 with a 4x4 footer, it has a river (being buit right now) 2 sets of mountains w/ 2 tunnels 2 bridges I constructed my self (1 trestle and 1 girder), a ranch (that I made the post a run wire and built the corner braces, a small yard and will have a couple more industry pick up/ delivery when I am done
Big Dog,
We have a Train Show coming up here in Longview, TX on March 3 & 4. It's not huge, but it's ok I guess. It's about a 1.5 hour drive from Texarkana.
Hi BigDog, and welcome to MRF! I, too, have a daughter (8yrs old) who likes to hang out with me in the trainroom. I gave her a corner of the layout to call "her own."
Hi BIG DOG, welcome to the forum, i'm sure we can point you in any direction for ANY help you require,,,hey i just posted a parcel to Texarkana (MHC Kenworth) ain't it a small world, like NZ Ken on the far side of the globe, i'm a short paddle away over the Atlantic in the UK
train show

hey dog,,,, i'm dr.x i only live 30 or so miles from you. columbus,ar.
i'm also new to the hobby. and new to the forum too.
there are two shows comming up pretty soon. one is in longview,tx. on march 3rd and 4th.
Longview Exhibition Building/Maude Cobb Convention Center
100 Grand Blvd
Sat. 10 a.m to 6 pm Sun 10 a.m to 4 p.m.

contact Homer Fleischer 903-753-9512

the other one is at pine bluff,ar. which is about two and one half hours from texarkana.
it will be on april 4th 9am to 4 pm.
Arkansas Railroad Museum
1700 Port Road