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Since I am new to this forum, I thought I had better introduce myself. A couple of years back, I retired for the second time and my wife told me I needed a hobby (she even referred to my old hobby of HO scale model railroading, which I had to put aside back in 1964...). With an "opening" like that, I just had to start planning my layout.

At present I am finishing up the "contoured" masonite background behind my benchwork, and I am getting ready to paint the background. I know that as thing proceed, I'll have lots of questions... but until then, I have already picked up a lot of good information on this forum, just from reading the various posts.

Bob / tenwheeler


In Training Down Under.
Welcome aboard Bob, this definately a great forum.

Don't hesitate to ask questions.
If your able post some photos on here and let us see what your doing.



Fun Lover
Welcome to the forum.

IF you want to post a plan of the layout, there are some really good designers that frequent the board. They are good at spotting potential problems and making suggestions.

Old 97

Glad to have you aboard!

Welcome aboard Bob/Tenwheeler!
This indeed is a great website with lots of friendly folks too! :)


Lazy Daydreamer
Hello Bob,

And welcome to the forum! :) The other guys have pretty much summed it up what we do here. Mostly ask questions, talk about our existing layouts or dream layouts. The photo posting part is my favorite.

grande man

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Hi Bob. Welcome to the board (and back to the hobby!). Ask questions, add comments and make yourself at home. We're glad you're here.


Thanks for the welcome, guys... I had previously built most of my benchwork and was playing around with a couple of track plans, when I decided that I could not live with the 90 degree corners in my background. Since then I have put in a contoured background (masonite panels around the perimeter of the train room, and have spackled, sanded, and primed the new background.

I will post photo's as soon as I finish "painting the sky" and move all the benchwork back into the room from the garage.... then I'll probably have a ton of questions.



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Hi Bob, and Welcome aboard, you've just joined with a great group on a great forum. We'll be looking forward to the photos when you're ready to post them. Post and enjoy the forums.


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Hello Bob!
I've been a member of this forum for a week or two and they've helped me a ton and I'm 100% new to trains!. I know they'll be able to answer any questions you'll have.


Hi Bob and Welcome to the forum.
I also took up MR as a retirement hobby and I have never questioned that decision. It is a never ending hobby with so many different skill areas to work in. I was in MR in the late '60s, but being in my 20's, married, limited space, and most importantly...broke most of the time, I got out of it after only a few years.

But now and still broke most of the time:D I have the time and space and I am having a ball as I know you are.:)


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Hello Bob and Welcome!!

Thank goodness you listened to your wife, came to your senses and picked up the hobby again. I have not been a member long, but I can tell you two things I really enjoy about this forum.:)

1)It is very user friendly and the members a very polite.:cool:

2) You can learn SO much about different aspects of the hobby in ONE place.:cool:

3) It's a great place to be entertained by the comedic members(some of these guys are a hoot).;)

4) I'm even learnin' to count!!:eek:




That FM guy
welcome Tenwheeler, i'm Dean, the "other" new guy on the block.LOL:D this forum seems real nice, lots of friendly people that seem willing to help.:) cant wait to see pics of how your comeing along.;)

L&N Castle

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Also a new guy

Hey Bob. My name is William,but you can call me Bill. I too have recently joined the forum,and I am having a blast. I have three roads that I model.They are the L&N,Southern,and Seaboard Airline,and the era I have chosen is 1955-1965,with a slight stretch towards 1970-1972. I found out about the forum from a friend of mine,and have not been disappointed yet.So,sit back and enjoy the ride.:) William.

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