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I have had a lot of trouble finding the information I need, or a forum that may help, so i hope I am not doing anything inappropriate..
I recently received a box of trains and models from an elderly widow trying to clean out her storage house....
Her husband died about 15 years ago and left his collection. I know nothing about these things and considered keeping some of these mint trains(unused) because they are sooo beautiful, but I would rather sell them to people whose eyes may light up when they have them.
I met someone who is a collector in my city in Canada, but before I bring this collection I would like some advice from those of you who can offer guidance so that I know a little bit about what I am offering... and make sure the deceased collector does not roll-over in his grave for all the love and work he put into his hobby.
I am in Canada.
I have tried to look up some of these things, but i don't understand what to look for or how to know the years and stuff, or if and how valuable they are. Also if I should hold onto some...
Also there is a box of models (to assemble and decorate ) some look pretty old but again what should my market be? I would be happy to compensate someone with a piece if they so chose..
I have the following companies in the batch(they look old)
Hornby Railways
Model Power
I am NOT trying to sell anything on this site, I am not a company.
I have a feeling that would be frowned upon.
I will openly give model #'s and names of pieces as soon as i know if I am in the right place..I am supposed to meet this guy tomorrow..even if someone can tell me a site i can look up prices,i would be soooo happy. (e-bay only shows a couple of the items and not any info,(like i only see used prices not mint)
As I said I am lost in this fascinating world of trains and would appreciate a mentor.
Thank You.


If you could provide photos, that would be great. Some of the brands you mentioned have no (surviving) catalogs.

Some of those brands will be worth money, and others will not.

Rivarossi can be worth something if it is a steam locomotive. Anything else, not so much.

Lilliput, Fleischmann, and Hornby are the European manufacturers and their products tend to carry a premium, although with Hornby, it's a hit or miss.

Model Power makes junk. Always have been, always will. If this is an old collection, the Bachmann stuff will be junk as well. The Spectrum is a line created by Bachmann. It's slightly better although it won't command a huge premium.

If you decide not to sell to the collector, we do welcome you to sell your items here in the forums (post in the For Sale forum)


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I have the name of a couple of fellas that can help you. Maybe more than two, but the two I would have the most faith in are just great. PM me if you wish to have contact with them. Both deal in the buying and selling selling of older train equipment, are trustworthy and all around great guys.

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willing to help

Hi, I am one of the fellows that Bob mentioned. Will be happy to give you some advice and help. I have been a collector of HO for 25 years or more. Contact me at Thanks, Tom


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literallabyrinth(I'm going to call you "LL" for short), Tom is a huge nice guy. He helped me immensely in rebuilding an engine, and a rather expensive one at that, that belonged to my Dad that had a "cornfield meet"(railroaders term for a crash) with the floor while on loan. He is a train guy and a fisherman, so he HAS to be a good guy. While I have been in the hobby a long while, 50 years, he has been collecting much longer than I.


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