N Gauge Layout Estate Sale (Tour de Chooch)

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My father recently passed away leaving us his beloved N gauge model railroad layout in Tewksbury, MA. It can be seen here:


If you are interested in buying the contents of the layout - please email me through this forum. I am not entirely sure where to start. My father can be seen in picture #59. He was a gifted artist (and engineer) and built the bridges and many of the buildings in the photos. The layout contains hundreds of car-sets and 10's of locomotives and many boxes of spare parts.

His layout was part of the local Tour de Chooch a few years back. The train club met for 25 years - each Friday night (except summertime). This was his retirement passion and I'd love to see it go to someone or some organization that held that same passion.

Paul Sheedy (son)
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Wow! What a layout.

If it was me and I wanted to get the most return from this. I would take everything that wan't nailed down and sell it on eBay. If you try to get a single buyer, you may get someone to give you a thousand or two, but you could get a lot more if you piece out the engines, cars, structures and electronics, and anything else you can take up without destroying.

Now I'm assuming you are not an avid eBayer or you wouldn't be posting here. What I would do is hire someone to post them for you and give them a percentage of the take--say 25%. Have the payments made to your PayPal account so you can control the accounting.


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I have to agree with Chip on this. Trouble is that all layouts are built to fit in a certain space. Finding some one who would have the space for the layout will in all likely hood, be impossible. Never mind the almost impossible task of removing the layout from where it is without major damage to the structure of the layout itself.

I would take all the cars and locos, and sell them in lots on e-bay. I would remove as many structures, with out damaging them and do the same. The track and scenery, will have to be trashed. You may be able to get all the electrical components salvaged as well and could do the same.

I would avoid estate buyers as they are looking to get the most for the least amount of money. That really looks like it is a fabulous layout, and I hate to see something like this have to be destroyed, but in the vast majority of the cases, that is what happens.

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