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I have had my Y6b for a few days now and thought I would give you my thoughts, so far. The unit was surprisingly very smooth running right out of the box. All CV's are set for the this type loco and should be satisfactory for many users. The Loco is very quiet with the sound off and about all you can hear is the wheels;) . The detailing is very good with some things added that you will find only on brass models.

The sound is good with most functions, but the jury is still out on the chuff. There are many CV adjustments that I can tweak, so I will wait to comment on this after I have deciphered the more detailed on-line manual. The manual that comes with the unit is worthless.

The Loksound decoder has F1-15 (don't know what I'll do with 13, 14, 15, nothing I guess). It uses F5 as a shift key that makes many functions dual purpose. One thing that is not good is a difference in some terminology. Like SHUNT(switching?).

Here is a photo:

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Thanks Nick, I brightened the photo up a bit.:eek: FYI: That is a Walthers bridge like yours except it is single track.


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Thanks for the info. Looks an excellent loco. I think the engine is the same as my very old Rivarossi loco which is not in the same league as yours although it still runs.
On a different note how did you make the rock formation in the photo....


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GGGGGRRRRRRRRRR I want one!! Looks real nice Rex.

It looks very similar to my PK2 2-8-8-2??



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Ken, if you can come up with USD$249, you can get the sound unit from Factory Direct Trains, but only while quantities last. I have one sitting in the closet until Christmas that I got from them for $399, so you figure out the rest. :rolleyes:


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Factory Direct Trains has these Y6b's at seriously discounted prices:
I bought one when they first came out & paid ~$450 but it had an intermittent shorting problem (even on my 30" radius curves) that even PCM couldn't troubleshoot satisfactorily, so I ended up sending it back for a refund. Based on all the positive comments about this locomotive, I just "re-"ordered it (and saved myself $250!).


Good move! I have been running mine quit a bit and have been very proud of the performance. I went to the speed tables and used the slow-start preset table that is already setup. I like the chuff sounds much better than the default startV, MidV, HighV, settings. Also, adjusted the acceleration and deceleration a bit, but other than that I like it as it came. I will still be tweaking this and thats as time goes on...great looking and running loco.

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