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Joe Daddy

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Wow, glad to see so many actively supporting our LHS around this wonderful country where we have the freedom and the resources to enjoy a hobby like Model Railroading!

As far as LHS go, I am so spoiled, living here in Colorado. I think visiting Denver's amazing Train hobby shops is sufficient justification for a vacation trip to Denver from anywhere in the 50 states. And, you could even go to some other rather cool places to visit while you are here too.



S.L.O.&W. Trainman
I pop into Lake City Hobbies here in Geneva about once a week. They give regular customers 10% off all purchases and will order most anything they don't have in stock for customers. They just tripled the size of their store and seem to be doing quite well with the new location. They carry O, HO, N, and of course Thomas and Friends in stock and a good supply of scenery, track, and accessories in all scales.

Besides that the owners son who now manages the store was one of my students, is big time into music, and a great kid, so I like to go down there and chat now and then anyway..... I give them most of my business. I get DCC stuff from a store (an online LHS) called Empire Northern Models in Webster, NY. The owner was also a Geneva kid way back when (I taught his brother and sister). He is incredibly knowledgeable about electronics and is excellent to do business with (also has some of the lowest prices out there). About the only other place I buy stuff is MicroMark.
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I visit my LHS about twice a month. I have (2) very close to each other about 1/4 mile difference. One stop selling MRR and caters more to RC's, models,and large die-cast:(


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South Central Pa. has a great small shop at Blue Ridge Summit on Rte.16. South of Wayneboro. It's called Mainline Hobbies. They have a great detail section. If your looking for the smallest of items, this is the place....I can spend 2 hours and never see it all..Its hard to believe they have all that in there! There's also a great one in Gettysburg called Gilbert's. But I haven't been there in awhile, maybe once I save a pay check or two! ;)
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I have two LHS near me, one in town that does carry a few train parts but mostly caters to the RC crowd. Then one about 20 min away that is just a dedicated mrr store, I go at least twice a month sometimes more often.


Stay off the tracks!
My regular LTS ( is about 55 miles north of me, so I normally go up there only when I'm doing Army Reserve drill in Vancouver, WA. So about once a month. The last couple months have been kind of insane though - I've been to Vancouver for 3 weekends since July 20th, plus I made another trip up there specifically to pick up a Loksound speaker that had been backordered for some time. It's been very expensive....


My LHS is about 90 miles from here. I haven't been in two months. I do a lot of phone and email business with him though. Good discounts too. May pay just a hair more than the net after you add tax and shipping, but I'm supporting the local guy.


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We used to have three in the area. One closed up earlier this year, and I was told the one closest to me has 'closed'. But, that comment came from somebody who may not really know.

I haven't been up there in a while, probably early summer when I needed some stuff. I keep meaning to go by, but timing has been a problem.



So many LHS's biting the dust. It was an idea for me to open one in this area since I'm supposed to stop what I'm doing because of solvent contact and the dusts and fumes asociated with my beloved profession. I was looking at the idea of just sitting behind the counter and bull"crapping" with fellow enthusiasts. But it seems that LHS's just don't have much of a life expectancy in these parts, or in most areas much anymore. I wish I could afford to run a LHS at a loss just to supply and befriend those who would frequent such a place.

I have for the most part stopped running print work myself and have been outsourcing a most of my orders. (Well I do personal stuff for myself and close friends, like car-cards and waybills for my road, etc.) No fun for me but at least it keeps my shop "alive". And I'm down to my main Dealerships (Ford/Mercury, Honda, Sea-Doo). Profits have plumeted. Much like LHS's i suppose. I'm forcasting a worst case 75% percent drop in profit for this year. EEEK! At least it's profit.:(


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Printer, if you're going to go with that, make sure that you have an internet side that can help support it, then you may be able to run one.

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Well, I might as well throw my .02 in. I haven't been able to visit my LHS here lately because of the lack of funds. Plus at the moment, I really do not need anything. Really locally here in Joliet, I wouldn't visit any of the shops, high priced, more into R/C, etc... The shop I do frequent though is Hands to Work Railroading in Alsip, IL. at 127th St. & Pulaski Rd. The folks there are not only model railroaders themselves, the owner works for the UP. They really take good care of the people that patronize their shop. It's about a 30 mile hike one way for me, but worth every penny in gas. They do sell on eBay also. Check out their website Also, their shop is ALL railroading, nothing else. So, if you're ever in Chicagoland, try to make it there, you will not be sorry.
I WISH we had more shops dedicated to MRR. I remember as a kid some of the local drug stores had MRR. A Sears store not to far from my old house used to sell HO products. Even some Athearn. Most stores are going more to RC's, die-cast, and even baseball cards. I wish there was some way that MRR in so-cal could be resurrected:)


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Theres a few LHS that is within a 15 mile radius from where I live, but I do most of my shopping at a LHS that is a 30 min drive and I usually go there at least once a week on saturdays, and I'll go to another that is a 15 min drive for detail parts only, if one shop doesn't have what i'm looking for then i'll go to another until I find what i'm looking for, lately I have been doing alot of ordering from Walthers website.


I guess I'm pretty lucky, since I have a hobby shop less than five minutes from my house, and another one ten minutes away. There are also two more good ones within an hour. I'll visit them whenever I know of something that I want to buy, and I'll just go on Ebay if I can't find what I want at any of the local hobby shops.


Maintenance in the way
I will be in Overland Pk,KS for about a week doing some training for crane certification,and I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a good LHS in town or maybe in Lenexa,KS.

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