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Such a beautiful engine, had it on my Christmas wish list, but I think I got a new Kato SD40-2.

Anyways, awesome pictures, looks like you're getting somewhere!
Thanks alot. The model is a Kato and belongs to Drew Mitchem. Many of the models/rolling stock on the Allen Sub belong to the operating group members. I will try to give credit to them where appropriate.


I like the coal loading dock and what's that i spy in the background,,,an OAKWAY unit NICE, very NICE
The coal tipple is Walthers' New River Mining kit, assembled and weathered by Ted Curphy. Soon the exterior light bulbs above the hoppers and near the doorways, etc will be powered up. As budget allows, I am going to get and build a modern flood loader (the cardboard mock-up in the photo).

The Oakway belongs to Drew Mitchem, and was assembled by me. It is one of 3 on the Allen Sub. That one and one other is a P2K model, and the other is Athearn RTR. Drew and some of the other operating group members work at the Centralia Power Plant unloading coal trains. They get to work around the prototypes of those models on a regular basis.


:D Photos #2 & #6 I likes:D
Nice job!
What kind of camera?
Also can you do a side shot of your heavy machinery equipment loads? I am curious to see the detail work on how they a setting on your flats. Are you using HO scale chains or black thread?
The machinery flats are still a work in progress. Ted Curphy and I got a number of Intermountain flats (NICE) and Norscot machinery. The intermountain flats come with scale chains/binders.

The plan is to sell some of them on eBay, but they are turning out so nice, they are going to be hard to let go!


Tuesday December 26th

Merry Christmas to all. I hope you all had a good one.

Pic #1- Santa brought me a 6-pack of BN Coal Hoppers and a 2-pack of BN Covered Hoppers, both Walthers Gold Line. Very Nice! Now I want to sell off all my aluminum ones to go with a whole train of the black and white!

Pic #2- The big guy also brought me a whole stocking full of Norscott Machinery! Those are going to make great flat car loads! Watch for them on eBay!

Pic #3- Robert and Ryan Scott came over today to run a few trains. Here they are seen operating the "Q" train- Western Fruit Express, working Pacific Fruit Cold Storage at Evan Gap on their way west. The Q train also has a cut of autoracks on the rear for Port of Allen.

Pic #4- Ryan tried his hand at yardmaster duties and did very well classifying inbound cars and making up trains for his "old man" to run back to staging.:D

A reminder to all of you in the Pacific Northwest- Train Fest is going on now at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, WA. Watch for me and Robert this Thurs the 28th between 10AM and 8PM. We will be running some of the BN Allen Sub's rolling stock on the museum layout as well.;)
Brent thats alot of CAT equipment! What did ya hang the stockin up with? 4" screw? hehe Im diggin the cat repair truck in the backgound too. The youngin looks like hes havin fun for sure!


Brent thats alot of CAT equipment! What did ya hang the stockin up with? 4" screw? hehe Im diggin the cat repair truck in the backgound too. The youngin looks like hes havin fun for sure!
The CAT repair truck is a matchbox or hotwheel that I got at a garage sale for 25 cents!:D


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
hey indeed that is a nice CAT repair truck!
Nice catch I didnt see that the first go around!


December 28th- Trainfest at WSHM

What a day! a day of model RR operating at the Washington State History Museum. Trainfest 2006 is a huge success and is still going so go check it out in Tacoma!

Robert, Ted, and I were able to take some of the rolling stock from the BNAS to run on the largest permanent HO layout in the state. Got lots of good pics- heres a few.

1)- Drew Mitchem's Oakway lashed up with my SD40-2 pulling my coal train across the stampede line high bridge.

2)- Here it comes through the s-curves approaching Lester, WA

3)- This BN coal train is so early, its coming over stampede pass in the 1950's!

4)- Across the high bridge again. This area of the layout is a real crowd pleaser.


5)- Robert Scott is operating the Empire Builder through East Tacoma.

6)- With Dynamic Brakes Engaged (F5 on the Quantum Sound System) BN 7914 is beginning the long downgrade trip through Maywood just west of Lester, WA.

7)- BN 9515 on the point Eastbound over the high bridge.

8)- Leaning into the curve approaching the Asarco tunnel in Tacoma, WA

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