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Ok so i've finished up my 4x10 table for my layout, bad part is due to and injury i got in iraq my hand is not as steady as it use to be. My table goes into a point in the middle. ( i just ran a 45"x36" oval test in the center of the layout and no derail but that was with a GP9M and 4 cars) Its not that bad but i feel it might be enough to derail a train or two when the loads get longer. Also as a side note the wood i got was free at the local landfill. For me to get good lumber i have to drive to Barstow. Also i dont think two 4x8's is going to fit in a Honda Civic. I wish i could get pics posted but im still working on that. (for some reason my pics always come out around 1.2MB)

The plan is to use EZ-Track by Bachmann with mainly BNSF/SF loco's. Im still in debait about going DCC or not. The reason is ill only have 2 or 3 loco's to run. Im crossing my fingers on this one so i will work.

One more thing anyone out there using Ez-Track by bachmann? What do you use to mount the track to the table?

I hope the link works
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I use the N-Scale EZ Track by bachman. I have a layer of 2" foam on top of my table. Used gorilla glue to attach the track to the foam. I included a pic so you can get a better idea.


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You can use Liquid Nails also. Glue it all except the two straights where you are joining the 2 boards togeather...this will add a little flex and abling you to seperate it if thats your plans...You may want to add the foam as teamanglerx said...This deadens sound and aids in adding scenics and mountains easier...trees plant much easier into the foam and shaping is easier....also if you want to add water/ can cut down without weakening your base....As you have now, your at ground level...Railroads for the most part are level but the terrain increases and lowers below "rail level". GOOD LUCK!!..Thats a great future engineer you have there!!...He's gonna have a blast!


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thanks guys for the help. ill get the foam from the LHS along with liquid nail glue. And Trucula my little boy dont say much right now but when i go to the garage to play around it always choo choo choo choo


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Thanks for the link there ken.

Update on the layout. Last night i stayed up until the wee-hours of today redoing the bench work, and wow. there a lot better. Im goin to get the foam sometime this week and see how bad it bends. (yes there is still a small slope) but is a whole lot better than it was. Ill keep you guys updated.

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