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Hey everyone. Haven't really been active on here, because I've been stressed out trying to find a place. The housing market here in Denver is at a fever pitch with all the people moving here. They estimated 90,000 people moving here just this year. Its crazy. I'm renting a house for the past 8 years. And now the owner wants to sell it. I'm not in a position to purchase a home right now.

Anyways I finally found a place. Its smaller than the current house, and it doesn't have a basement (where my current layout is). Its only me and the doggie. So I can use the master bedroom for the layout.

Right now I'm trying to save as much as I can. Cutting chunks out, leaving track in place and all. Then re-use a lot of it. The layout room will be 13' x 11'. It will be all around the walls type layout.

I'm moving next weekend, so after I get all settled in, I'll have to come up with a plan for the re-build.

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You are actually salvaging your layout. I wouldn't count on moving a section of benchwork and expect to be able to fit it into a new layout without a whole lot of issues. Just save the track and structures and start over. You may be able to save the lumber and wires.


I would have to agree with Ken on this one . I think you could look at this as a great opportunity though to fix the things you don't like , expand on the things you do like and use all the skills that you have honed since you first started . Whatever you decide to do , good luck . Let the adventure begin....


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Yup save your favourite scenes if possible and try to work them into the new plan.
The layout I'm building now is similar to the old one but new and improved as the saying goes.
And 90,00 people... yikes where are they coming from? LOL


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Best of luck with the move and with salvaging as much of your layout as you can. Look forward to seeing it come back together though. I have to go with the other guys as well, take up the track and save your scenes - I imagine while that is more work, it may well be less heart ache come the time to "reassemble" everything.


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Hi Motley been wondering what is up glad you posted an update!!!!

I salvaged chunks of mine and it turned out ok. I had the track well fastened down and money was a lot tighter when we moved so it was the best way to get a new layout up and running.

By the way, a lot of my track was allready used even before I got it but didn't have any issues as I discarded pieces with obvious defects. Not to say it probably would have been easier to buy all new stuff, but at the time not feasible.

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Yup save your favourite scenes if possible and try to work them into the new plan.
The layout I'm building now is similar to the old one but new and improved as the saying goes.
And 90,00 people... yikes where are they coming from? LOL
Syria. LOL!


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Sorry you have to move. When I built my current layout, I was living in a rented townhouse. I knew I would be moving at some point so I built it with that thought in mind. If you CAN move parts of your current layout, great! If not, I would consider building something that can be moved more easily in the future.

Here is a shot from a long time ago when my layout was an infant. It's built in 2 by 4 to 2 by 8 sections that each stand individually, bolted together. I only had to cut the track at each section when I moved and then reattached after.


All that being said, I now sometimes wish I had just dismantled all of it and started over since I have a house for the layout to live in. Good luck with the move!
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Hey Michael!

Good to see you, I was getting worried.

I wish I could give you some good advice, but with no experience in what you are facing I am no help.

I have confidence you will manage to build a great layout in your new place. Judging by your past achievements it will be first rate!

Keep us posted and thanks for the update!


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Thanks everybody for all the help and encouragement everyone has givin' me here.

Well first of all, I don't have time to save the track and start over. Or the money. Its way too difficult. There is probably 3 large sections, that I started cutting out. The rest will be cut out, moved, and then I'll rip out the track and switches later. So I would estimate that around half of the new layout will have to be completely new.

I do have a lot of wood, and pink foam left over from my current layout. So that will help with the new layout build.


It doesn't help you now, but I built my layout around a main section. I always knew there was a chance I would have to move it. When I move I will consider the staging yard disposable and pull up all that track. Then take the section to my new place and figure out a new staging yard or fiddle tracks. I have had so many layouts I try to have options.

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I would try to salvage completed scenes that can actually not be detached from the benchwork and mountains and rivers that are part of benchwork. A sawsall will come in real handy. Once you have it cut away its just a matter of retro fitting to the new layout design. Nothings impossible.


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Yep I got a sawzall and been using it. Got about three sections down now. Now I can start on the main room. I have my new trackwork with the river/bridge scene. I will cut that about a 8-10 ft section. Wrap it up and protect it.

BTW, I'm hiring a moving company, so should make things easier with all these sections. I'll start a build thread probably in the next couple weeks. I want to get trains running, its been way to long since I ran the layout.

My current layout had a main room that was 12' x 15', and then I had an extension room next to it for Passenger terminal and staging. The new room is about 11' x 13'. So I've been thinking about doing a Nolix type, down to a second level for staging, that will wrap around the room.
"Master bedroom for the layout" that's dedication!

Best of luck on the move and new layout construction, I'll be following along since I may be moving soon too.


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Michael I had no clue what a Nolix type layout was, but now I do!

I found this when I did a Bing search. It explained it for me very well. Maybe there is something in his layout that will help you.

Before you know it you will be positing in the WPF threads.

I am looking forward to your new build thread.


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"Master bedroom for the layout" that's dedication!...
If the term "dedicated model railroader" was listed in the dictionary or encyclopedia there would be a picture of Michael right next to it.

Our "Motley" is a top of the line model railroader all the way!

The new layout may not be bigger, but I'd bet my bottom dollar it will be better!
G'day...If there's a silver lining to moving ...not that I have in 41 years...inherited Mum and Dad's place..It's the excitement (once settled in of course) to build a brand new layout..Good luck with the move and rebuilding the layout...Cheers Rod...


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I have built my layout in sections, designed to be removed, with little to no damage done to track as the sections are removed. Since my track is mostly handlaid, all I need to do is cut a small section of both rails out where they come apart.

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