Modular Buildings

Chris UK

Does anyone use DPM and what are they like? Are there any alternatives to them and does anyone do complete building kits, railway or otherwise?
Are there any alternatives to them
Hi Chris, I have only one DPM kit so far, and I like them more than other types of kits. The modular construction will allow you latitude to build a structure more to your own liking or requirements. To the best of my knowledge just about all model buildings require some assembly which is not overly difficult. Used assembled buildings can be purchased on the ebay auctions, but the old addage " Buyer Beware" applies in more ways than one.
Most likely in the future a lot of my buildings will be replaced with DPM structures. Some of my older buildings by other manufacturers have details ( such as Bricks) much too large for a HO structure, although the buildings themselves close enough to scale size. Here is a link you might find usefull in geting the information you want just click on any topic that interests you.
Cheers Willis
DPM is the most popular, but several others can be used "almost modularly" with some very minor kitbashing. City Classics is one that I've used several of to that end.
I saw that Walthers is releasing a new line of modular building kits specifically meant to be kitbashed. I like the Walthers kits I have.

Bill, yes it is me, keep yer eye on me as I plan to post details of the proposed layout etc as time goes by. Thanks all for the heads up I will look at City Classics and Walthers.

How do I get photos in here. I have scanned in the layout plan and the loco I have and would like feedback however I cant seem to get them on here. Any ideas?
DPM is good. I have both the full kit buildings and the modular walls. Have not really done a whole lot with the modular walls; I plan to do the custom buildings for that.

Walthers is coming out with a new series of Modular walls, etc. kits. Price point appears to be $9.95US per package, with a assortment of stuff to create something. I think there's like 5-6 different packs; I'm probably going to buy 2 of each initially to see what can be done with them.

Chris UK said:
How do I get photos in here. I have scanned in the layout plan and the loco I have and would like feedback however I cant seem to get them on here. Any ideas?
Click the "Post Reply" button under the last post in the thread. You will be taken to another screen which has a place for you to type your message. Scroll down to the area titled "Additional Options" and click the button that says "Manage Attachments." You will get a pop-up window which will allow you to upload .jpeg/.jpg photos that will appear at the bottom of your post. You can attach up to 4 photos to each reply/post you make. Click the "Browse" button to select the file(s), then click "Upload" and make sure it finishes uploading before you close the window. There is a limit to file size and picture dimensions, but I don't remember them off hand. Looking forward to your photos!
DPM and Alternatives


There are a number of alternatives to DPM but keep in mind that DPM kits and panels are extremely good, both in terms of quality and versatility. If you are good with a razor saw and file you can even narrow or shorten panels for yet more variety.

Korber Models (KM) also make some very nice modular panels for brick walled buildings. I purchased some a while ago to test and develop ideas but have been busy with other big kitbash products ever since. These modular panels match a number of their kits so are good for making those kits taller, longer, wider or adding annexes etc.

City Classics has been mentioned and almost all their kits are a great basis for kitbashing. The Smallman warehouse is expecially well suited for warehouse and factory projects as a complete line of panels is available to supplement the kit.

Outside of brick walled structures Great Western Models makes a wonderful line of "pre-Cast Concrete Panels" for more modern warehouse/factory and distribution buildings. There have been several articles on using these panels in the MR press over the last few years. Pikestuff sells a good line of kits and "extention" panels for modern steel sided and roofed structures ranging from small single stall enginehouses to factories or warehouses. While Micro Engineering don't make modular panels several of their kits readily lend themselves to kitbashing. A Micro Engineering machine shop was the basis of the main building annex in the photos I posted under the chain link fencing thread about a week ago. (It is the light beige extention wraping around one side and corner of the Vulcan Manufacturing Plant.)

Similar to DPM are Smalltown USA models. If you didn't see the packaging at first glance Smalltown USA can easily be mistaken for DPM but under closer scrutiny don't quite measure up in window and door details.

I haven't seen the Walthers modular panels yet but they have released brick sheets that match their cornerstone brick walled buildings. (Note that thses bricks are scale sized so they won't match with the older cornerstone kits whose bricks are much closer to O scale. Those bricks have been a thorn in my side during the kitbashed engine house I'm building for my brother right now!)

Almost all kits can be used as "panel stock" for kitbashing. A couple of years ago I bashed a pair of Kibri sawtooth roof warehouses into a double length and widened version on a custom foundation to fit on my brother's layout where a siding was much higher than the surrounding ground level. The extended foundation was about 20 ft high and made for a very unique and centrepiece model. As it was at the front edge of the layout it received a number of interior details to which I will add sometime in the future.
All it takes is some practise with a razor saw and file to trim off pilasters and a few test panels to develop glueing techniques. Buy a couple of cheap kits and play around with them to get some proficiency before "taking the plunge" with more expensive kits. It is extremely satisfying to have your own buildings that aren't duplicated on countless other layouts and which custom fit your urban properties.


Do a google search on either. The Switchman's Puzzle should really be Switchman's Nightmare, and is in Kalmbach's 101 Trackplans.

Carl...Thanks for the info on some other companies that produce buildings etc. I have looked at some Walthers kits since posting this and they look grest.

I will look up some of the other companies you have suggested.