Model Railroader Form

Some of the questions I think should be changed. The one covering years in the hobby for example. There either need to be more ranges, or made a fill in the blank. The scales modeled should have means of multiple answers, as I dabble in other scales as well.
I personally, didn't mind answering the questions, as before I answer any online surveys, I study the form to see if there are any personal information questions. If not, I will sometimes answer the survey.

This particular survey seems rather pointless, but I answered anyway. The questions are not narrow enough in their scope to give you any true analytical information . A good example of this is in the # of years you've been in the hobby. It has a good range between the years until the last answer, 20+ years. Well, after the narrow ranges of the first choices, that last number becomes meaningless.

I just went back and have seen that the format and questions have changed some. I will read it again and see if I change any of my answers.