Model Rail Show Truro NS Oct 16


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Well this time I noticed it, ( because of the other thread ) and was amazed. One guy was building a hot rod with 5 engines on it, pistons all going up and down, and one nit picker pointed out it wasn't going anywhere, to which the builder smiled pushed a button and away it scooted. It's certainly no wheres near the Calif. display but impressive enough in these parts. I'll keep posting the photos over the next few days.
Cheers Willis
The Buildings are models of bldg. found in the towns of NS. ie: Stanfield's is an underwear factory in the town of Truro
Have to steal a page from Chuck Furlong for this one. Seems to be some what of a family disagreement. Looks like the little girl is demanding a setup of their own, without success and the little fellow feels if they can't have one of their own, he's taking his coat off to stay.
Little Guy seems to be saying " well these Hot Rods are ok , but the Action is back there with the trains"

The hot rod display was something else "Great"
It is amazing to think of the things you can create with leggos :D I used to spend hours building leggo creations when I was a wee lad. Now I am 21 and I apprieciate a good leggo creation when I see it. That leggo city is awesome, if I had me some leggos I would build a king size locomotive and put an engine in it so I could run it on the rails. But, I don't have the time as of now because of college.
I've loved Legos since elementary school, but my collection now resides in a large (33 gallon?) plastic tub in the garage. I had a Lego train set, and my cousin, sister and I would set up a town with roads, buildings, and trains, much like these pictures, all over the living room floor. But as much as I love Legos, I do know they hurt when you're in your bare feet! (we often times left our "town" out for a few days before destroying it, and there always seemed to be an elusive block or two hiding in the carpet)
Hi Nate, the Lego setup really was the most interesting that day. Now the hot rods were something else, pistons going up and down, belts turning ect. The trains were awesome, I missed a lot of shots because of batterys and a slow shutter action.
Heres a shot of some trains parked ( they couldn't escape)
Cheers Willis