Minot, ND - Souris River N Scalers

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Chief Tree Planter
Thought I'd share an update on the Souris Valley Model Railroad Association layout.

We've gotten the large power plant build and in place.

002 (400x300).jpg004 (400x300).jpg003 (400x300).jpg

Track planning for the second room has begun and scenery continues to be added slowly to the layout.


Chief Tree Planter
More progress pictures from recent work.

Plaster and base scenery around the Power Plant/farm area;

Power Plant Area.jpgSlew-Farm area.jpg

The foam has been put in place for the river scene in the second room so that track laying can begin. The available space for the layout in the second room is 33' by 17'.

Riverbed 1.jpgRiverbed 2.jpg


Chief Tree Planter
Progress part 2;

The benchwork has been completed for the port scene;


And the airport area has the base coat of paint applied;

Airport 1.jpgAirport 2.jpg

We are planning and working hard to get ready to have an open house in December. I'll post the date and time once we set it in stone.

Thanks for looking.


Whiskey Merchant
Sure looks like you guys are really making some progress. Keep the photos coming. Looking great.


Well-Known Member
Looks Good, First time I have seen an airport on a HO layout!! you know I could actually attend the open house :D


Active Member
Making some nice progress.it'll be interesting to see what and how you do the water scene.


Armchair Engineer
First time I have seen this. Great looking layout. To bad it isn't a modular layout. Would have loved to see you guys at the Winnipeg train show.


Chief Tree Planter
Thanks all! We are having fun with getting ready. The goal when fully up and running is to have 80+ car trains running on the layout.


Chief Tree Planter
Our Open House will be on Dec 12, 2015 from 10 am to 5 pm at the Railroad Museum of Minot in Minot, ND.

I will post some more progress pictures after this weekend's work session.


Chief Tree Planter
We had a great Open House today. Visitors were nonstop from the time we opened the doors until closing. At one point we couldn't get between rooms because we had so many visitors. It was a great success. I took some pictures of the layout prior to the Open House beginning to show the progress we've made.

Amtrak on trestle 1.JPGAmtrak on trestle 2.JPGOverview of first room.JPGRail yard area room 1.JPG


Whiskey Merchant
Excellent photos. You guys are going to have an outstanding layout. Keep the photos coming. Looking forward to see the progress.


Chief Tree Planter
Managed to get some work done on the main club layout yesterday. From the open house back in December until yesterday we were getting the portable layout ready for the Minot Toy show. Starting about Feb 1st others have been working on the main layout so I thought I would post an update.

Track work for a larger passenger station has begun in the second room. There will be 4 tracks and an engine facility to house the 2 complete Amtrak trains, a Great Northern Empire Builder and a complete Daylight. The passenger station is on the upper level in the picture.

Trackwork for Passenger station.JPG

Track work across the river is now complete and scenery foam is starting to be added to the area.

Bridges for river scene.JPG

The second peninsula is beginning to have scenery added. So far a Cloverdale plant and parking lot have been started.

Second Peninsula started.JPG



Chief Tree Planter
We have also completed the airport;

Airport 1.JPGAirport 2.JPG

And begun to add trees to the first peninsula to start the detail work;

Detail work begun.JPGDetail Work begun 2.JPG


Chief Tree Planter
Wanted to add some update photos of what the Souris Valley Model Railroad Association has been up to;

1st Pen 1.JPG 2nd Pen 1.JPG2nd Pen 2.JPG 2nd Pen overview.JPG

General work on two of the peninsulas of the layout.

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