Minor Fire NOT

OMG I pray no one loses their life in this one, 300,000 lbs of magnesium this is unbelievable, why would anyone store such a large quantity of a so volitile material in one place.
No loss of life but extensive damage to the building. Shut down two major roads thru the area. Here are a couple of photos a friend sent me. Roads are now reopened except the ones next to the burnt building. The sky was bright enough that you could almost read the newpaper on my back deck. Bright white light inthe sky was kind of prety but also very scarry. These pictures are courtesy of Norm Jarvis who was on the tenth floor of a bank building in downtown Anderson Indiana about 2 1/2 miles from the fire for the pix on the right..
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Had one of those near my place about a year ago. It was lots of fun because it was raining at the time. Magnesium and water mix rather violently. It was not a fun night for the firefighters.

It is spectacular to watch though.
Officials let everyone back into their homes early Sat. evening. EPA and Emergancy Managment personal were still monitoring air and keeping a close eye n the site.
Finally found the thread Larry. Was looking in the wrong place.

How about 8 to 10 blocks away? That's where I live. We did leave overnight in case the wind changed, but we missed the bullet and the wind kept blowing away from us although you could catch the metalic odor in the air.

The CSX tracks running by the building were also shut down.

This photo was taken from my enclosed porch just before we left. It got bad after this.