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Lazy Daydreamer
Anybody been across the street recently?:eek: Things are gettin' downright ugly, three new threads (08/03) blasting the 'upgraded' forum software!

I'd sure hate to be in Bergie's shoes when he returns from his vacation...


Ken,There is always sour grapes with change..The old forum was terrible the new has some bugs but,works fairly well..My personal complaint is while making a reply we can see only one reply unless we open another window to see the other posts.


Lazy Daydreamer
Brakie said:
Ken,There is always sour grapes with change..The old forum was terrible the new has some bugs but,works fairly well...
Yeah Brakie, I'm in the same boat - I haven't had any problems myself, though I do miss their previous [more-robust] search engine. I'm commenting mainly on the high number of 'screamers' over there.


There are a LOT of screamers 'over there'! Most of them seem to be Mac users, so I believe the problem is incompatability with the software. Eventually, the problem will be resolved.

I know I had trouble re-registering after they changed servers. I had to e-mail for help! I went through the process, as the instructions said to do, but it wouldn't accept my password. I tried to re-register with a different password, but it told me the screen name was already taken! I knew it was taken, IT WAS MINE from the original forum!!! Took a few days and a couple of e-mails to sort it out, but it did get resolved. (And I'm a magazine SUBSCRIBER, too!!)

What bothers me are those members who state that they don't like the changes and won't come back. They aren't giving the forum much of a chance to work the bugs out. At one time, everybody was a 'newbie' on the forum and had to learn how things worked. Now everyone is a 'newbie' again, but they don't want to learn how the new forum works. They must be the same people who build perfect layouts with NO mistakes, NO changes, NO derailments, NO problems whatsoever! LOL

Me? I make a lot of mistakes, a few of them more than once! I'll re-learn the ins and outs of the new forum eventually. Heck, I was discovering new things about the OLD forum that I hadn't learned yet. Maybe this time, my learning curve will be faster than before. LOL

Darrell, quiet...for now


I know nothing
I spent part of a boring workday trying to reason with the lot of them on two of those threads. The entire time, I was thinking of my high school baseball coach. When we would start playing like the Three Stooges out there, he would stand up and yell "act like you've done this before." He yelled a few other things that I won't post out here, too.

The folks pay exactly $0 for the service and yet they are complaining.


Unfortunately, it has become a sounding board for the discontent, mal-adjusted, self-centered, and just plain weird. Such a shame, as there are so many very talented and very nice guys over there. Who suffers...the newbie...the hobby!

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