Measurment Issue


Ok i started measurments for my project. The building according to real life is 24 feet 8 inches by 14 feet 6 inches. After dividing and rounding i came up with the ho measurments of 2in.x3in. witch doesnt seem right cause its seems way too small when i draw it out now a company makes this model and there model is 6in.x4in. im not sure who is of on this one because it seems a bit big.

Heres a pic of what im building and if someone can help me it would be apreciated. And to tell me what measurments on probly wrong mine the real life ones or the company made one.
Just a suggestion for future posts...since this is still about the same building and measurements we were discussing yesterday, just ask your question in that thread. It can be confusing to follow everything when you spread it out into multiple threads. I think there are now 3 threads that all pertain to this project. ;)

I don't see see a picture :confused:

If the real building is 24' 8" by 14' 6", the HO building will be 3.4" by 2".
YA i copied the link and it must have given me the whole album. Sorry for the incovience
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Conrail, You sure need to get an H.O. scale ruler. I wouldn't know what to do w/out mine. I would be lost.

Thank you, Shauna, for your very quick answer!:eek:
I will look it up right away! Don't you think, besides it is old, it is a very nice old building?( he he and to sneak in;)