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"...Myself, I would like to see them hung by their keyboard cable...."
Ditto to that D&J. It isn't only the internet either, look at these "card scanners" that people can (unbelievably) buy. I have had my bank account hacked something like 5 times in the past 18 months and ALL of them have originated from going into a store or a hotel (as in hotel/motel, not a bar). I am fortunate that my financial institution is very diligent (as a rule) and has never NOT repaid the amounts illegally taken.

I reported all of those attacks to the police and they did nothing what so ever. Ohio Police didn't even bother calling me back and that includes their so called Internet Fraud Squad.

It is wrong that these scanners are still legal, but that says something (a lot) about the system in my opinion. It is even sadder that every time you use a card or go on line you are taking a risk, and quite a substantial risk at that.


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First off, I have used Norton for years, over 15 in fact, and it has caught everything it has needed to. I use malwarebytes, adaware, and Glary Utilities as well. The Norton I use is Norton 360, and in the years that I've used it, I've never had the problem of it "taking over the machine". It has caught everything trying to get in to my machine, and I'm quite happy with it.

The only problem I ever had, with any software, was I downloaded a graphics program to see if it would do something I needed done, but it didn't. (This was back in the early 90's, so the security software wasn't what it is today.) So I uninstalled it, and got the typical message, "are you sure you want to uninstall this program?", I answered yes, and it started to delete my entire computer. I quickly unplugged the computer from the wall, and fortunately I didn't lose anything important. After contacting the website the software was on, they took measures to see it didn't happen again. First they removed the software, then contacted the authorities, who were able to track him down, and he was arrested. Don't know if he ever served any jail or not, as I received no further updates from the website, but I haven't seen anything from this guy since. His mistake was he signed his name to his software, and they caught him whit that.


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I have never received any warnings about this site.

I am running Norton Security Suite version and I have nothing but praise for them. I had two incidents, the first I tried to fix myself to no avail, I ended up reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling all my software. The second incident I realized I have live support with Norton and I allowed the tech to take control of my system and he fixed it in less then 20 minutes. I will be a Norton user for life and the good news is I get it free from Comcast.

Sorry to hear about the troubles and I hope you all get this sorted out.

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I'm still having problems viewing this forum on my Droid. After the McAfee warning, I can only view the forum in portrait mode on my Droid and then a lot of the hyperlinks are over lapping each other making it almost impossible to navigate.
I'm starting to think that the people at McAfee just doesn't like someone or something about this forum and has installed a flag on it somehow.


I only get the McAfee warnings when trying to access the forum from my android, as well. It's been going on for a few days now. No trouble on the home computer but I can't get anywhere within the forum while using my phone.


It may well be a sheer coincidence or be totally irrelevant but about a week ago I uninstalled Tap-a-Talk from my 'droid and I have not had a McAfee warning since. Up until that time I was getting a McAfee warning every time I tried to navigate in this forum. Hmmmmm.


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This has gotten worse now. I can't even log in from my Droid anymore. Sorta like being a guest with no privileges.

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