May 08, What have you done for your layout this past week?


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Well another week has past, so it's time for show and tell again, about what you've accomplished for your layout. It was late when I climbed the stairs last night so I don't have a photo to show. I'll post one later today. Spent the whole time working at Bob's gully, but last night I moved on into the sawmill area. :D
Catch yuh! later
I grew a new field of grass and bushes (nearest camera):

And set up a temporary extension so that I can run doubleheaded locos around the train at this location:

OK a long way to go yet, but the log pond is now in place. The saw mill is a kit I put together a long time ago. I plan to paint it using hminkey ( Harold's) weathered wood techniques. The Atlas lumber yard will most likely be replaced with a scratch built bunkhouse. As can be seen the snow is melting from the hills and the green is showing " Spring on the CB&CNS Rwy" :D
Cheers Willis
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Well it's kind of old hat but I'm still working on it, Anyway the trestle and the waterfalls are finished, a bit more of the white covered with greenery. Thr river bed water, some ballast a bit of rust coat and landscaping around the mill and I can move on to another area
I didn't do anything but water the layout area (between rain showers) last week. But I'll have something to report next week. One of my kids gave me a kit for Mother's day. It's a store to add to the "downtown" area of the layout . I've already checked the box to make sure everything's there. It looks like it should be the easiest kit I've assembled so far (maybe part of that is experience), so it will go together pretty quickly. I'll show it to you when it's finished.
CBCNSfan there seems to be a bulge or bow upward in the center of your trestle. Is this just from the camera, lense, angle or was there a mistake in construction. To me it just seems a rather odd.
That bulge is prototypical, isn't it?
Why would a prototype railroad want a bulge in their trestle, unless they expected it to sag in the future, but then again shouldn't maintence keep it in order. If it was at the crest of a rise I could see ( barely) a purpose in having it bowed instead of a peak before going down hill again, but in CBCNSfans trestle the grade appears to continue on the rise, second photo in post#3