Making western brush


I have a web article about making western brush at:


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Excellent article, as usual, Harold. I felt like I could blow on those pictures of dead bushes, and make them turn into tumbleweeds, skittering off the page. If I ever go indoors with my modeling, your articles will be invaluable. For now, I can make dead shrubs with my failed bonsai attempts. :eek:
Another excellent article Harold, I believe I'll make a trip to Wallmart and see if they have any material up here. I know I'm in the East but whut duh heck! we have bushes here too. :D
Cheers Willis
Interesting - ever hear of a plant known as "Scotch Broom" - we've got it all over the place here in Oregon.

Many a hay fever sufferer would like to go back in time and kill the homesick Scot that imported the stuff....
ever hear of a plant known as "Scotch Broom"
Can't say I have, what does it look like? Now Hay fever yep heard of it, I believe I have some of that for the past week.
Cheers Willis
Seriously do you have a picture.
I have made faux fur bushes and used acrylic straight from the tube for the flowers but in red.