Making a good signal good


Central Indiana & Ohio RR
OK, here ya go. A brand new Atlas signal, arrives broken. Only the base actually, but there isn't enough mast to stick in the ground, so what to do. There isn't alot of wires out the bottom once you cut the plug off and you have to do it in order to do anything to the bottom of the signal.
So, make it modern!
You know those new type signals that come out the top of a signal bungalow? Sure,
So with a little cutting, drilling and a prayer, here is what you get.


You bought how many signals? There really a must. Our train club meets at my house once a month. There's so many trains going and so many switches that you have to have signals to control every thing. No body looks at the control panel to see which way their switch is aligned. I bought the kits I have a lot to build.

I am sure Atlas would have made good on it, but seeing as how these signals are hard to get right now, I figured why not.

Currently I have 8 of the atlas signals, with 4 more heading this way. The rest of the layout has Tomar and ISS signals, which will be replaced slowly with the Atlas signals.