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Finally, got the 41 vehicles that should have been here last week

there are 7 CN trucks and 34 CP trucks, these are supposed to be 2008 vehicles

4 for me in CN
4 to strip the CP off and convert to BNSF
4 to strip the CP off and convert to UP
8 to strip the CP off and convert to BRC
8 to stay in CP
3 to stay in CN
3 to strip CP and convert to Iowa Interstate
7 to strip the CP off and convert to 4 CSX and 3 NS

the client models the 2011 Chicago area and he mainly models the BRC Clearing yard, the Gibson yard of the Indiana Harbor Belt (IHB) and CN’s Markham yard. So these trucks will all be at home on the layout. BRC is jointly owned by the 7 now six Class 1 railroads

The decals for the UP and BNSF conversions will be from Circus City decals. The others will be client supplied

These will be in the Continous weathering MOW thread in mid-June


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Well dang Tom, I was going to search the web for some goodies but I feel it may be empty now. 😞
Can you please post some photos of your shelves so we can browse with our am coffee? 😆
Hey Rico, I left quite a bit out there. I’m buying now to save money later. That’s what I tell myself.

But, I am having real issues buying cars that are discounted into the $40 range. I worked hard over the years earning my money. I’m not giving it away too easily if you’re not my kids. Normally, if there is something I want for my layout I will buy at least one extra. I will weather it and sell what I don’t keep for myself. Those appear in the Facebook sell sites.

But I get client requests for cars that I will buy, weather and sell to them. Most of my discounts range from 20% on anything at my LHS to sometimes 30% at 2 of my happier places to buy from. Sometimes a friend or client gets a special code for additional discounts and sends that to me. That’s helpful.

Heck some of the Atlas covered hoppers have the suggested retail price in the $70’s. Atlas for cripes sake!!!

Even Scaletrains and Rapido haven’t gotten there yet…

boxcar from Tangent per client request wants 3. Super nice details that are too fragile IMO discounted to $54.00. I cannot get a better deal then that and I tried yesterday


Athearn Roundhouse: client wants these, Even with my normal 20% discount at the LHS they are not worth it. They are not on the 40% off Athearn direct sale till 5/30/2023.

These are Roundhouse cars!!!



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Here's a few things I've picked up over the last month or so. Come to think of it, I actually purchased the trailer and LPN boxcar a few months ago during a visit to the west coast, but had to leave them at a family member's house until I could go back recently and retrieve them. Naturally, during that more recent visit, I hit up the Berkeley Ace Hardware store again and came across the Santa Fe articulated auto rack on sale, something I'd not seen before.

Then a couple weeks ago, I was up in Calgary for several days dealing with the WestJet labor action. During a quick break one afternoon, I stopped in at Trains & Such, a local shop. Pretty good selection, including the most Rapido products I've ever seen in one store (but no surprise, as they are based in Canada). Couldn't resist the Tangent 86' quad door boxcar...I justified it because of the favorable exchange rate right now. 🤣


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