Loading Dock........

Old 97

My "Dad" has a little H.O. Scale wharehouse that just screams for a trackside dock.
I got the idea to take one of his flatcars with a wooded deck and yanked the trucks off. :D
It just looked right sitting up against the building with the roll up doors facing the track and all.
Now he just needs a forktruck or two, some drums and other items and he should be all set.
The whole thing seemed plausible because I know that some companies and the railroads themselves, would find new life for old equipment.

Come to think of it, I do recall a article in one of the model railroad magazines showing how one railroad used an old flatcar as a bridge over a small creek
for M.O.W. vehicles.

I'll try to post a pic or two showing the loading dock.
Right now I'm off to my "library" to page through some old issues of model railroader to see if I can find that bridge article.