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This is probably one of those newbie type questions. I have a couple of blinking light items on my layout. Both of which were bought brand new less than a month ago. They haven't been on for more than about an hour a day and both have burnt out the bulbs already. Is this normal or do you think I have something hooked up wrong?


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Hey Man,

1) Check the operating voltages of the devices and the voltage of your power source first.( possible burnt out of your devices due to a to high power source output voltage)

2) Check if your devices have to work on a DC or a AC power source and check your AC and /or DC power sources for adequate operations. ( Also check if your DC power source is bad and is emitting an AC signal instead of an DC voltage!)

I wish you good luck in finding the sollution. I could probably tell you more if I had some more info about your devices.
I'm looking forward hearing from you.


Yeah, I agree. Check the voltage of the bulbs and the supply voltage. If the bulbs are being controlled to flash and are incandescent bulbs, I would lower the supply voltage to them using a small value resistor or replace the bulb with one of a higher voltage than the supply.

Flashing is always hard on incandescent type bulbs unless they are the type that flash themselves. If that is the case, then you can only lower the supply voltage to the point before they quite flashing because of the heating element that makes them flash.
They were both flashers. (forgot to mention that). I have replaced both bulbs with non flashers. I didn't really like the random flashing anyway. We'll see how long these guys last.

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