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Hello,me from THAILAND
Hello, I am new member here.
I would like to post once a while
because I have only a little layout.
Moreover, modelrailroad is the expensive hobby in my country.

However, this hobby just jump start with the website
progressively. Now there are 500 members there.

(The website is off until this Monday!)***


Running the MC & Buffalo
Welcome , It doesn't matter how big or small a railroad is .It's yours to run and enjoy . really like your mountains and roads. OLDGETTYSK


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
P POP, I will add my voice to those who have already said welcome to the forum. You will find this a friendly, good place to ask questions and meet others who love this hobby. Your work looks great!

Steve B

Welcome P POP glad to have you on board


Wiley Old Dog
Hello there P Pop;

Glad to have you with us. Those are some good pics; nice stuff. Hope to see you around more.



Hello,me from THAILAND
reply at once

welco, Mr.Space Shooter Cowboy, Firstly I carved plasticine, then made silicone moulds, lastly cast it-fiberglass work in 3 pieces (for the reason that I could make 100 copies as souvenir for whom visit Bangkok....or may ship for gift and take if mine rough works are acceptable?) If you a real cowboy please feelfree visit my another page......

Thank brotherGETTYSK, Rhoward I notice your slogan that sound good like "think globally then act locally"

Oh, little bit astonished with Thaiword on this site Mr.Steve. You rightly know
my rural country. I heard that people offer railcar from, but
stuff always sent to TAIWAN (democratic freedom China island). THAILAND, the siam paradise locate surround with BURMA, LAOS, CAMBODIA, and MALAYSIA. We used to fight against communist invader in the north, and nowaday we fight against terrorism disturbance in the south boarder.
It is painful and hard fighthing, however...
Every threat must be halted on this sacred warm land.

Good to communicate, GrandCoyote you are in real cowboy state.
In Thailand the cowboy realm is around Saraburi and Korat provinces near over Bangkok. There are romantic railways pass by.


สวัสดี P Pop and Welcome!
I started my first layout in late 1960 Bangkok while working at the American Embassy. Yes, model railroading was very expensive then also and hard to find things. I loved your country and the Thai people.


Fun Lover
If you a real cowboy please feelfree visit my another page......

Feel free to visit my site as well....

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Diesel Detail Freak
Looking good, nice to have someone aboard from and area like yours, hope you can stick around too! Don't be hesitant to post, even if your English is bad, we'll figure it out eventialy (mind you, you might have a hard time understanding me, as I tend to spell stuff wrong).


In Training Down Under.
Hello P Pop welcome along.

I'm way down under here in New Zealand!!

Nice layout sir.. More pictures if you can.



Lazy Daydreamer
Hello P_POP and welcome to the forum! I am a regular poster here, but I was away on vacation all last week.

I really like your model of Mount Rushmore, very well done! And your English is fine, I understand everything you are saying.

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