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well now that i finaly got a digital camera (may not be the best but the price was right) I will start shoing my pictures of my loco's in the paintshop this way i can avoid any major mishaps before they get to bad to be rescued

GP40-2 (LAP&H 1651)

U33B (LAP&H 1805)

SD40-2 (LAPH 3015)
image will be added later

3 AC4400 (LAPH 4401, 4426, 4427)

this is 4427

her sisters 4401, 4426

i still need to work on the paint scheme for the spartin cab but when i know what it is you will to
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You might want to set your camera to the macro setting so your closeups can come out sharp. This feature is often marked with a flower - tulip to indicate closeups. If you can't do that or find the setting, it might be an idea to back up a bit, your first three photos are really blurry, with the background closer to being in focus. Did you not notice the out of focus?

Better photos would lead to more comments. Also turn off the date feature on your camera unless you need it.

See my website on digital model photography for more help:


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well I see what your saying, this is my first time picking up a digital camera and I'm still not use to taking pictures yet sorry for the quality


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yea I'm just trying to get the rest of the paint off but it's getting annoying any advice


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If Pine-sol isn't working, try "denatured alcohol", if thats still not working, one bottle of the Polly scale stuff would be enough.


I've used the Poly-Scale EasyLiftOff on several models with very good results, but the success may vary on different paints and models. You just paint it on with a brush and wait for the paint to crinkle and then wash off with warm soapy water. You don't soak it. A can will last for many many models. Don't confuse this with the pinkish bottle stuff that is only a plastic cleaner.
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oh here are two of my paint schemes the base coat is gold but of course I can't find it on paint

Spartan Cab

and then

any advise or am I biting off more than I can chew


That all depends on if you are having your decals screen printed professionally or printing your own at home.
If you go professional, both schemes are nice and will be easy to paint.
If you print your own, the Wide cab scheme will be easier to make decals for. The red lettering on the spartan cab scheme will only work if the gold (or maybe yellow) is a light shade. If you moved the lettering inside the black stripe, the decals would be much easier to make yourself.

Very nice paint schemes reguardless. I would consider leaving the Spartan scheme with yellow and black. Maybe they switched to gold on the Wide Cabs to jazz them up even more.


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well i was gonna try to do them myself, professional is not really in my price range, but i herd that you cant make white decals

Steve B

You can get a printer that does white ink but they are EXPENSIVE, don't even consider it. If you want white lettering you will have to paint that section of the loco white and make the black band with lettering transparant as a decal. i think,,,

Nice work BTW


To do your Wide cab decals, I would print the black stripe with white text on white decal paper and cut it out along the edge of the stripe. Cut thin strips of red decal paper (microscale makes it) and put the stripes over the cut edges to clean them up. This way you get the white writing. You can also print the logo crest on white, cut it out and put it over the stripe.

This is why I suggested moving the lettering on the Spartan cab scheme inside the stripe, then you could print them the same way.

When making decals on clear film, you need to keep opacity in mind. Printer inks are designed to go over white paper, so the inks are not very opaque. If you print a light colour, you can't put it on a dark surface. So if you print your red lettering on clear film, it may not show up very well on gold paint and won't show up at all on black paint.


Running the MC & Buffalo
Just a little point Angelic If you take your stuff to a kinkos or somewhere like that They could do the printing on there printers which would save you money and give you quality !!!

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