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Very cool Toot!
That train was just south of my old house, I missed it somehow.
I used to have a transfer caboose exactly like the one tacked next to the cando, wish I had kept it now.
We do those sorts of things, don't we. I wish I had got a couple of the ex SF C44-9W Warbonnets in BNSF logo, for a bit of interest variety. There's been some on the MRL tracks recently.


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OK, help me out here folks. I picked up this Stewart Hobbies Baldwin
DS-4-4-1000 at the train show in Raleigh this weekend. It looks brand new in the box, no wheel marks at all. Here's the kicker, I put it on my test track just to see what it would do. To my shock, a10% throttle, the lights came on, and it has SOUND!!! On DC!!?? Any ideas, I have not taken it apart yet to see what all is in it. And it add the cherry on the cake, it cost me $29!!!!


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Sweet, nice surprise!
I think econami decoders operate on DC or DCC, I’m sure there are others.
A friend has a BLI loco here that has sound in DC or DCC also.
let us know what you find


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DC/DCC sound. That is awesome!!
Every W/sound decoder these days is dual DC/DCC capable Jerome. The disadvantage with running them using DC is that when you bring them to a stop, so the sound stops as well (and any lights). To get a W/sound loco to get moving again requires advancing the throttle to about 6 volts input to the track. That gets the lights on and the startup sound sequence going. Increasing the V input gets it moving. It is also the reason, consisting DC only locos and DCC/sound locos is not possible, or advisable.
On the other hand, as I now recall you have mostly silent DC/DCC decoders in your locos, I'm not sure whether they will consist on DC either, they will on DCC though.

I'm not 'up' on Stewart, but from what I've gleaned, they may have had different brands of decoders at different times. BLI for a while made a 'Blueline' sub brand that had a DC/sound decoder in it, You had to piggy back a silent DCC decoder onto it, if you wanted to run it that way.

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