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Steve B

Here's our latest engine from Bachmann, it's a weathered class 25 and very nice as well


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Hello steve, great pic. I am wondering if you would give me the how-to's on building the wood fence in your pic? I have got a place on my layout I am wanting to build one and haven't got much of an idea yet, would mind sharing with me? Mike

Steve B

Mike the fencing is made by Hornby or Peco, it's a plastic moulding in 12" pieces, i got a giant bag at a model rail show a while back
iKen it came in a Mehano train set, it's a bachmann 200 ton crane on a tower, the boy's like it

grande man

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Steve, I can tell from the Tee shirt that these guys are being taught properly. :D Great pic! I love to see the kids really involved in model railroading.


Steve B

I'm just sitting here reminising, it's all gone now but the re build's begun


And the rat, it's the nickname for class 25's here
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Awsome Pics! Figures GM would find that Grande Shirt...

As for the basswood, thats actually the LEFT OVER scrap, and the suspence is fun!


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Nice pictures folks, and now for sure an begorah I'll believe in the wee folks :D
Well as I check to see what I have stored in the drawers I came across this little guy. I do believe it will eventually become a CB&CNS engine. It's a Bachmann but I like the look of it.

Cheers Willis


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As promised, pictures! And an explaination, since last weekend, I've been working on a craftsman kit from the 70's, its a wood model of a TTJX 68' rebar only, "finger rack" car. I'm to the primer stage now, by tonight I'll have the underside painted black & the top getting its coat of yellow. The weathering will come later, I'm going to have to use powders on it, for the first time in my life :)eek: wish me luck!).


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Here's a few shots from the layout over the past few months.

The first is the latest view of the helix - 3 1/2 loops complete with 2 1/2 to go (4 1/2 tiers oif subroadbed are in place - 1 1/2 left to be lowered as trackwork is completed on each tier).

The second is a shot of the power distribution system on the helix - on each straight section (each circle is broken into semicircles, and a 24" straight section inserted to reduce the grade) is a terminal strip that delivers power to all four tracks.

The third shot, from mid-August, shows the Glenrock, WY subroadbed being laid above the Northern Pacific Minneapolis staging yard. The helix is in the background. The track leaving the helix partway up on the left is the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy branch to Cody, WY. The upper track to the left is the CB&Q mainline coming from the bottom of the helix and heading towards Thermopolis, WY, which will be on the benchwork behind where I'm standing taking the photo. The lower track on the far left is the Chicago & North Western "Cowboy Line" to Lander, WY. Laurel, MT is the small NP yard and NP/CB&Q Junction to the right of the aisle.


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A few more pics on the way home

Couple shots of a CSx Locos and a caboose at a hobby shop in Bufaalo OLDGETTYSK


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Great shots folks!

I am experimenting with setting up some scenes. Here is one at the Cement Distributor.




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Well, I haven't done much in a while at the Onalaska Mill, but here is my layout as it currently stands. All the cork is down, just debating on what to do with my Micro Engineering Switches. They aren't DCC friendly, but I will be running DCC. So I need to either tweak em, or ditch em'.

Also included is a plan of my layout. Roughly 2'x13'.

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