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I just joined this forum and I wanted to introduce myself. I have been an active modeler for over 30 years. I currently model in HO but have also done N, HOn3, Sn3 and On30. My favorite RR's include the V&T, C&C, T&T, UP, B&O and WM. My current layout is a depicts Morgantown West Virginia on the B&O in the 1940's. The Western Maryland had trackage rights to Chiefton WV on this line. It is in a 10X20 room with an extention to Sabraton (on the old M&K RR). While still very selectively compressed it duplicates about 2 mile section of the railroad with a staging yard that represents Fairmont/Connellsville. It is a shelf layout set at about shoulder level. some photos can be seen at: , along with some other nice layouts from the model railroad club that I belong to: the Mon Valley Model Railroad club.

I am to take some photos later today and I'll try to post some of them. It is nice to meet everyone. - Nevin
Nice to meet you Nevin, nice friendly place here:D. You layout looks fantastic looking forward to more pics, and a track plan;)

I'm in the design stages myself, I have an empty 13x25 room with a 4x19 staging room.

Wander along to the coffee shop and grab a cup, my shout.


ModelRailroadForums Nevin

It's a Great group we have here, and your're welcome join right in with the various discussions. you'll like it here were a friendly bunch

B&O FT passes through downtown Morgantown

Attached is a photo that I took this evening of a FT that has just passed the depot in Morgantown. Hopefully this has worked out ok. - Nevin
B&O Mikado waits in Morgantown yard

Here is another photo. The buildings behind the train are the wharf district warehouses. The buildings are now restaurants and law offices and the track is a railtrail. I am thinking about adding a turntable here as I have found old maps that suggest there used to be one. - Nevin
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