Interesting place for a layout.

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I built a railway plant into a scooped out printer housing of Lexmark in the Kleinstformat. I got the printer already scooped out. A colleague had increased this with e-bay as "bread box" for the keeping of bread (no joke). Then he gave it to me. I decided to insert another function. On a small wooden plate, approx. 22.5 × 39 cm I developed a small rail oval with flexible track. According to landscape the restrained place one arranged subsequently. Functionality was always the center of attention.

The Clou: At first sight it is not noticeable that one can play in the office.

Which computer parts (or other High Tech remainder) were used? The complete housing of a Lexmark printer X85

Idea: The idea comes from the "SKA plants in such a way specified", sees (under "Anlagen"," Schmalzbude"). But the idea in a Lexmarkdruckergeaeuse so a plant to build, is pure from me.

It's not perfect but it helps