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Sorry its late make your choice, may the best locomotive win.

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My favorite

Balboa brass.


Eastern RailNet
Just needs a good cleaning, Some NECR locos are known for shooting Oil out the stack which coats the entire engine in black. BTW the real 3854 did have a fire. Might have to make a model with a smoke generator in the cab, LOL.

Was it a write off or did it get restored to service?


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
I'm going to go against the trend and enter my pride and joy which is a scratch built engine house.... Hey, those locos have to serviced somewhere, right?

We have a tie going in the voting for October, kbkchooch & Selector with 4 each. If you haven't voted you had better get with it time is running out.


Diesel Detail Freak
Not quite at work, but my pride & joy, Utah Belt #3151, an original Utah Belt unit, built up by Eric himself.


Well-Known Member
OK This one will be a little unusual, because:

I really like unusual models

She's not painted yet.

There are only a couple of hundred of these out there. it's an old Balboa Master Series Southern Pacific AM-2. A smaller version of the cab forward intended for higher speed passenger service. Never really a success, they were all gone as soon as WW-2 ended. I like it's looks, and you won't see one on every layout. I've remotored with a modern can, and done some repairs, and will paint it soon!


  • AM-2.JPG
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Master Mechanic
Here's mine. My Dad was the fireman on this one prior to WWII. He left the RR and enlisted in the Army in 1937. He got shot up pretty bad in North Africa, and after he recovered, did many war bond tours. He was my hero.

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