I'm Still Here


Long Winded Old Fart
Just a short note to say I'm still around, but very busy doing other things.
Haven't worked on my layout since March. Sure miss it. Been helping out a lady (her husband died 2 years ago) rip out his old hurricane damaged "O/G' scale train layout. This is getting to be a job, not a challenge. I've been working about 12 days off & on in a building that had the roof torn off & one wall ripped away. The shed is 10ft. wide by 16 ft. long. It had a double deck O & G scale combo layout. A lot of the buildings in the G scale were totalled.
The O scale part had metal, plastic & ceramic buildings & bridges & are in pretty good shape. All of his transformers, sound system & giant turntable were destroyed. A large mountain at one end was also destroyed. A lot of the engines have water damage, but can probably be fixed. The track(O ga.) is impossible to remove from the tables. The combo O & G track was easy to remove. have you seen any of this track? It's factory made O scale inside of G scale & is flex trak. The tables have to be all taken out & that has been my biggest job. The plywood is nailed, glued & screwed down to a 2 by 3in. wood frame. The O ga. track & cork roadbed was glued down w/liquid nails.
I can't even drive a crowbar under the track w/a sledge hammer to release it from the plywood. I have to cut the track at the plywood joints & then use about 5 diff. kinds of prybars to get the plywood off the frame. So far I've got about half of it done. I'm doing it for free. I found about 5 big boxes of H.O. scale stuff under the tables & she gave all of it to me for spending so much of my time working in that shed. We've already made 2 dump runs to get rid of old wood & track & will probably make 2 more.
The HO scale stuff is worth the job. Lot of Bachmann Plus engines, Kato engines, about 50 freight cars, Walthers buildings, bridges, MRC dual transformer, some radio control stuff, track detectors, electronic signals, & lots more. All new & undamaged. Also, I got all the beautiful handmade tree's.
about 300 total. Lots of scenery stuff.
Anyway this short note got into a Novel & I'll be posting later.

Larry, you're a Prince!!! That sounds like a massive project, but knowing you, I'll bet it's a rewarding one, too. That is one lucky lady!!!