I'm Back and Car Knocking

James Derham

New Member
Hi Gang,
Well, it has been a while. I was a member here when this group first started.
Wife has since passed away, I retired full time, computer crashed and I've gotten grumpier! :( I just got signed back up and don't know who all is still here, but I did note that Lady Claudia is still posting here. Hope to be talking with you soon, Lady. Chief Jim
Welcome back Jim, sorry about your loss, that's something that can be hard to take. Don't worry about who's who around here, they're all great guys, you'll fit in just fine
Cheers Willis
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Welcome back into the engineers seat Jim, there's a whole lot of new faces, mine included but were a very nice bunch
Thanks to all that have welcomed me back. Being off-line hasn't been much fun, expecially with no one in the house to talk to. Hasn't been exactly the way I had thought retirement was going to be, but being without a computer has done wonders for my modeling! A couple of my favorite things are putting loads on flatcars, loads in boxcars and weathering rolling stock. Since April, I have done a couple of dozen cars for people in my RR club and I have 3 presently on Ebay (all close on Monday). All 3 have met at least the minimum bid at this point, so I have made back the cost of posting them and still made a reasonable profit! :D
One of the problems that I have been having has been to come up with enough scale-size chain to bind down the loads, at a reasonable price, however. But I have solved that dilemma for the time being this weekend. I found 2 necklaces at a G sale for $.35. Then today at another sale, 25 more chains for $1.25!! Oh Son, I'm stompin' in tall cotton now! :p Ladies, I can assure you, that you are always quite safe when you are in my company, but you might want to keep a close eye on your jewelry!:rolleyes: Chief Jim
Hi Jim! I am one of the new guys that migrated over from another forum a year ago. I really enjoy it here with these guys and glad that you are returning to join-in on the fun.