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OK! if these were yours, There are two Tyco C430's near mint condition, and two C630's in mint condition, ( Box on the Chessy is a bit ragged) What would you do with them?

1- Cut them up and make two low nose 630's with a decent power train?

2- Sell them on eBay? (Where they came from)

3- Just keep them because no more will be made, although there are lots around in various levels of condition including bits and pieces.

4- Other
1 first, if you really think you are going to get something good out of it. :confused:

Otherwise 2 if you want to recover some of you cost. :D
I hated these engines when modeling. They couldn't pull worth a hoot. After the motors went south, I pulled the motors, kept the wiring and put them in a yard at the far end on an isolated block. That way the unit's light always shone but it never left that spot.
Uhh...are they worth any $$$$ ? I'd probably sell them on eBay, because they're not roads I'm particularly interested in.
LOL! I take it they're not worth collecting :D
Well Bob yes, out of the 4, plus 2 Athearn U33C's, I could get 2 MLW C630's or 636's that I could get a fair price for on eBay. However the time and effort to do this might not be worth my while, I don't think I'd let one go for less than USD$225. I have 4 more to build but I have plenty body shells to do that.

Coffee, if you did want to run these locos you could mount the Alco 630 body shells on a Athearn U33C chassis, and depending on how much more you want to do, make a more accurate model. At the bottom of this page a photo of a modified frame http://www.freewebs.com/cbcnsfan/mlwc630ms.htm
Uhh...are they worth any $$$$ ?
The last train show I was too a seller wanted $45 for one, I laughed at him, but maybe he knows something I don't so I'll hang onto them for a bit since I'm in no hurry

Cheers Willis
Willis, I'd go with choice number one, because that's the one that will give you the most enjoyment. Tyco locomotives aren't that collectible as far as I know, and I think Stewart already did the C630, so there's a better version available. But, still nobody makes a C636, and you do good work, so I think you ought to stick with it. If you make these next two better than your first attempts, maybe you could sell the older ones on ebay. That's what I did until I finally mastered NS D940C conversions. Each time I'd make more money to spend on the next one. Finally got tired of building them though, and now I don't have any more of them... But anyway, go with choice number one. :)
Hi RC, yep I was thinking about doing a MLW C636M, however I have lots of Tyco shells. I kind of like your other idea of building new and better models and retiring the old ones to eBay. Even the CN modified C630's should fetch a fair price. I believe there is an epoxy shell of the 630 becoming available but will go for $$$ alone.
you do good work
Thanks for the "atta boy", it's not bad but then it's not great a few gouges and scratches on the earlier ones but the last two were good.
Cheers Willis
I'd vote for the hack-em up job. Make something worthwhile out of them. From what I have seen, there are still lots of Tyco junk out there.
The last show I was at in Spokane had a guy with LOTS of near new-in-box Tyco stuff that he was selling for a decent price.
hack-em up
Hack-em up it is, though I have at least 4 mor to hack up first. Perhaps I'll redo the first ones to keep, and sell the originals on ebay.
Cheers Willis
Hi Willis,
I'd have to say sell them on ebay to get your money back. Then I'd probably buy another locomotive with the money. But that's my opinion :D
Chris Moore
Hi Chris LOL thought this thread was dead. What they would bring on ebay isn't worth the effort. Using thenm to kitbash some MLW C636's would be worth my while $$$$
Cheers willis
Hello I think they look pretty neet to me. i think if i say them on ebay i d bid on them
I'd model a dead line at my engine terminal and rust the crap out of those Alco POS's.

Of course, if they were GP38's or GP40's I'd have to fix them up nice :)
I'd model a dead line at my engine terminal and rust the crap out of those Alco POS's. /OR/ use them as displays in a Yard or as back up power
Ah! well both good ideas, but, I can't realistically do either. The Alco's in Canada were Montreal built locos. The trucks were Dofasco and not the Tri mount of the US Alcos. They also had low nose short hoods. The CB&CNS started out with 10 of these, 3 of them retained their CN colors so the only Alco scrap line on the CB&CNS held only those Link--> http://www.tamr.org/Andy_Inserra/cbcnsc630.htm As backup power they are too foreign for the time frame. I'm still not too sure of what I'll do with them eventually, as I have plenty to keep me occupied at this time.
Cheers Willis
TYCO's are ancient history. If it were me, I'd model a scrap line...cutting the old plastic beasts up into razor blades.
Well I agree the trucks, drives, well everything except the ALCO plastic bodys are past history or could be held as an example of how NOT to do it.
However the body, the tri mount side frames could be used with an Atlas or Athearn frame and power to have a good running model that isn't readily available on the market today. For the most part there are lots of detail parts available to bring these body shells up to a reasonable representation of some loco. The old Life Like toy locos are pretty much in the same catagory.
Scrap Lines, well yes but there are lots of old model locos that have been updated and retooled for todays market them I'd put on a scrap line which interestingly enough makes a great scene.
Cheers Willis
If you were to sell the CN 430, and the Chessie 630, what would you take for them?

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Hi Tom, to tell the truth I haven't given it much thought lately. I think I paid about $20 each for them plus shipping. I'd have to think it through as I have 4 more MLW630's to build and one 636. I'll have to check and see If I can get some Athearn stanchions first before making a final decision ( without the stanchions I'd have to use the Tyco handrails) Before Horizon hobbies bought Athearn there wasn't any problem gettng parts.
Cheers Willis