I'd like to introduce a good friend.

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grande man

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Hi all. I'd like to introduce a good friend and very accomplished model railroader, CPRman. Ray, welcome to the forum!!! :cool:


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Hello guys, Ray here. I would like to express thanks for the invite to the group and thanks to Grandman and LGM for their patience & persistance in trying to get me to post on here ! ( i AM honored to have been invited ). Anyway, hope everyone enjoys this hobby ( I'm sorry, " Way-of-life" ) as much as I do . Like most people, I entered model railroading in my earlier years thanks to my Grandfather's love of trains ( 1950's ). My wife just "tolerates" them ! I have a daughter and two sons , sadly, none interested in them. That's o.k. though, all you guys can help fill in the voids. My H.O. ( "Highly Observable" ) scale , Digitrax layout will be most likely never really be finished due to it's size . I only hope I can live long enough to see it to fruition !! I am attempting to somewhat prototypically model the EARLIER "transition period " years on the Canadian Pacific's ( Note "CPR" ..... NOT " CP Rail " ) Kicking Horse Pass including a FULL H.O. SCALE version of the " Stoney Creek " arch trestle . The layout has very little scenic work done but will be underway very soon after I finish getting all my block signaling installed & working properly. Grandman said he would help with the digital photos soon to be posted on site. I currently model the following roads: Canadian Pacific Railway ,Soo Lines, Canadian Northern, Canadian National ,Great Northern, Spokane , Portland & Seattle and Northern Pacific. Yes, I am a southerner, living in the south, but have always admired those Northwestern paint schemes up against those spectacular mountain vistas !!! Well , have taken up too much space and time so I'll practice posting some more later ! Your friend in " Training" , Ray .

grande man

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Hey Ray, glad to see you on the forum!

To give ya'll an idea about the size of Ray's layout, it takes a train 15 minutes to "go all the way around" at a scale 40MPH! It's two levels of CPR fun that's signalled with Digitrax electronics. It's some serious fun to run on!


Master Mechanic
Welcome aboard Ray!

Looking forward to your posts here. Gman keeps talking about your layout and several of us are looking forward to seeing it.;)

You'll find that this is very friendly group. We have all types here from rank beginners to very experienced prototype railroaders.:D

grande man

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Cjcrescent said:
Gman keeps talking about your layout and several of us are looking forward to seeing it.;)

CJ, that could be very soon. I talked with Ray last night about us dropping by to do just that when I host the ARG meet next month. He said if the food's good enough at my house, we can come see his RR...:D


Hi RAY and a big welcome to ya! Eric does a lot of bragging on your layout and that has me excited about seeing it when we get up there the next ARG meet. I particularly want to see that signal system. I will probably wear you out with questions on it.
Hope you enjoy the forum and the camaraderie thats here.
Hi Ray! And another hearty welcome from way out west! Welcome to the forum! I am looking forward to the photos after Grandeman's comments! Glad to have you aboard.

grande man

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RexHea said:
I particularly want to see that signal system.

Ray, there's no pressure to clean up that "software glitch" you were telling me about... ;)

Ray's the signal expert, but as I understand it, when he upgraded the operating program there's a glitch in the new version that's giving him a few headaches. I'm sure he'll get it worked out soon.


Ray, don't sweat the gremlins that attack our layouts from time to time. If you haven't exterminated them by our meet, it is ok. I mainly want to see what you have done with the signals and how you did it.

Steve B

Welcome Ray, glad you model the king of scales not the miNor or Oversize or Gigantic scale, only kidding fellow modellers don't take offence please


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WELCOME RAY!!!!:D :D A big Northwestern welcome (Chicago and Northwestern that is). You're gonna Love it here;)



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Hello again guys and thanks for the warm welcome ! It's always a pleasure to have fellow modelers that understand one's insane craving for trains . I had a fairly long day today and am craving my pillow right about now but I will be back after some rest. You guys go on without me for now & I'll return later !!! " zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz":)

L&N Castle

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Hey Raymond. William here(aka L&N Castle). Welcome aboard my friend.It's good to have you here.I hope you will enjoy it . Who knows,you might learn a thing or two, and we can learn something from you. I am looking foward to seeing your layout soon. Take care my friend.William.:)

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