How do you think I did?

You did great! In fact, when I move on to Phase 2 and begin to model modern prototypes, I'd consider that a "must have."
You do a good job of telling what is in the book, but I could have gotten all that from a table of contents. Still on eBay, that is a lot.

Typically a review will tell what is good or bad about the book and if it is really good give examples of what you mean when you discuss it. I want to know if you liked it and if I should buy it.

For instance: The book covers the basic of intermodal shipping, but I find the lack of explanation of the commerce of intermodal shipping to be a large problem. The people buying this book are model railroaders and they want to understand not only how to make their trains look good, they also want them to operate as the prototype railroads do. This cannot be achieved with out some understand of the commerce of the intermodal railroad.

OF course I'm making this all up. I've never seen the book, nor do I know diddly about intermodal commerce.

But then again, I did teach college English and wrote a book review or two.
My only dislike with that particular book, is that they left out spine cars in the apendix's
This is what I was looking for-constructive criticism. As I said, this is my first review of ANYTHING. :eek:
jbaakko said:
Isn't there a 2nd book out there too?
I think it's called the Intermodal Modeler's Guide.

Or the Modeler's Guide to Intermodal...something to that effect. All I know is it isn't Kalmbach! ;)
by Model Railroading Magazine

The other books...