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There was a thread a while back about spiraling prices in model railroading. Apparently, Trainworld didn't get the memo. Right now they have P2K U28s with QSI for $89!!! We bought one for LGM's Christmas.

Today, realizing the the ATSF was under represented in our Joint Line operations, I ordered two P2K GP30s in the old Santa Fe freight scheme. Ya'll ready for the price? $29.99 each! If I spend $50-60 on one of the units for sound and drop a Digitrax 163LO in the other, that will be a sweet sounding, sweet running and good looking consist to polish the rails of our version of the Joint Line. :cool:

How do they do it??? (I'm glad they do.;) )

Here's on of the locos we have on order, ATSF 1207.

grande man

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Thanks Josh.

As for the AC6000CW and a GP30 you're after, Train World makes it easy. Just give them that credit card number and keep an eye out for the man in brown. :D
How do they do it???
They buy massive quantities and get steep discounts. Then when they can't sell anymore at normal price they discount them deeply to get the out of the inventory. You will probably notice the sales are often not for all road names, but just a few slow moving ones.

For the joint line you could also add Mopac, Rock Island, and C&S. The C&S regularly leased equipment from its grand parent roads GN & NP so those paint schemes were not uncommon (especially in the early 1960s). In 1964 a huge fleet of GN FT units were assigned to Pueblo.

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Gandy, Mopac, Rock Island and GN are all great ideas. We'd have to swap equipment out each ops session. We already run CB&Q but I've always loved GN...

radar, I hope the have your U28 in Rock Island livery. LGM's U28 is the only QSI unit we have (so far) and it IS impressive. For $89 it's an absolute steal!
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