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What size of a layout should i build in my garage that i can move easly? I was thinking 8 x 12, 4 x 8 is too small.


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If the walls of your garage are available, you might look at building around the perimeter. Think "shelf layout." Build it at the right height and the car tucks right under...

BNSF dude

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No no I have 2 garages and if i move from where i am i can move it easly. Space: about 30 x 30 left but i cant have a huge layout... I live in an apartment but we have 2 garages 1 for car and some stuff and the other 1 for storage Im still thinking 8 x 12.


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Remember - you probably aren't going to want an 8x12 island - you can't reach the middle. Maybe a donut or a 'U' shape.

Start thinking dominos/modules for ease in disassembly/reassembly for the eventual move. At least it doesn't sound like you want a portable layout, which is a horse of an entirely different color.

With a size limitation like that I'd be looking at industrial switching - this will allow you to keep a "flat" layout (like foam on benchwork), plenty of action, and you can have interchange at one end to insure a variety of traffic.


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That is a good question.......And I guess my reply is out of context...but here goes anyways

You see, I do not believe size matter that much. I started pretty small and did not use all the space available to me, and still don’t. The “layout room” is roughly 31 X 12 and the layout is now taking about 75-80% of that space. What matters, in my humble opinion, is (a) the quality of the track works (2) the level and quality of scenery (3) the level of details, and most importantly (4) what makes you happy.

You learn a great deal as you go along. Your first layout will not be the last. Eventually you will want to re-do some part of it due to the above reasons. This winter I will start a new layout and teardown the current one, since I have seen and experienced what works and what doesn’t.

Of course the next one will be better :D and I will pay more attention to “prototype practices”. I did not pay much attention to this in the first place. I started with a” fantasy RR” and then moved into “freelance”, followed by the current one which is “protolance”. Most likely my next one will be more “prototype oriented” but I will still keep my freelance short line (SL&C) :) … because it gives me a bit more flexibility;)

Enjoy this great hobby.
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