HO layout pics

Thanks for the numbers. We definetally took that truck design. Here's a comparison:


Respective photo locations for credits:
tenwheeler said:
That's a neat team track scene you have there, Dean... you do great work.
thank you Bob!:D Russian, yes those trucks ARE pretty close. what is the make of the truck in the bottom pic? ford? chevy? its got me curious. thanks, -Dean
THANK YOU ALL!:) for viewing the pics of the HO switching layout. its only so big, and now you have seen just about all of it. have ALOT more engines i would love to show off, but to post em would be boring in the same spots. i will make one more picture post to this thread in the next two weeks, to show off my three project engines i am in the process of completing though.;):D to those of you that have posted comments, THANK YOU!:), -Dean
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tenwheeler said:
Dean... What do you use for highway/paved street's on your layout ?
They look great.
THANKS Bob!:D i used drywall patching compound and put one coat down, about 1/8" thick. it left a couple air pockets on the surface, but they weren't deep, about 1/64", so instead of going over it again, i left them in. it really worked out great because they looked like potholes.;) i used Poly S paint, concrete color, and since the layout is 50-69 i used 1/16" white pinstripe bought at Discount Auto Parts for the stripes. for the oil stains that run down the middle of each lane i dry brushed India ink/alcohol(a la' George Selios), this also worked out because it made the potholes, really look like potholes.;):D thanks again Bob, hope this helped.:) -Dean
Dean: Thanks for all the great photos. I always enjoy looking at someone's good work. The drywall patching compound worked great. Is that the same thing as Spackling (sp?)? How would drywall mud work?
RexHea said:
Dean: Thanks for all the great photos. I always enjoy looking at someone's good work. The drywall patching compound worked great. Is that the same thing as Spackling (sp?)? How would drywall mud work?
Rex, seeing your work REALLY inspirer's me to do my best.;) THANK YOU, for the complements you have given me in this thread.:) i bought the drywall patching compound from ACE Hardware, its ACE brand.
correct me if i am wrong, but isn't sparkling course?, gritty? if it is then no, that i wouldn't use. the stuff i bought was smooth, like plaster. it was about the thickness plaster is when its the best to work with, like its about to set in just a minute or two, thick, but not clumpy. really easy to use and work with. best of all, no mixing, no real mess, ready to use right out of the container.;)24hr dry time. there is tons of stuff like this that would work I'm sure. to be honest, i just bought the ACE brand because it was cheep.:eek::p;):D i hope this helps.THANKS again Rex,:) -Dean
Thanks, Dean... I guess that cinches it ! One of the guys in our train club uses compound for roadways, and your's looks great also... so when I get to that point, that is how I'll go.

Thanx again... Bob
:eek: **NEW HO LAYOUT!** :eek: thats right folks, just when you thought it was over,... it starts AGAIN!:p:D new HO layout plans are made, and will be started after Christmas!:D as many of you have probably sumised after reading this thread, i have kinda used this thread as my "home base" for pics of the HO switching layout. i will be posting the progress of the NEW HO layout right here, in this thread as it happens.;) i would like to thank all of you that read/comment this thread.:) -Dean
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tenwheeler said:
Thanks, Dean... I guess that cinches it ! One of the guys in our train club uses compound for roadways, and your's looks great also... so when I get to that point, that is how I'll go.Thanx again... Bob
WOW! i helped make your decision, i am HONORED!:D:) I am always glad to help when i can.;) i hope it works out even better for you as it did for me, thank you Bob,:) -Dean
CSX_road_slug said:
Dean, could you post the plan, or do we have to wait til Christmas to see that too?;)
sorry for taking so long to post a reply to your answer Ken. things have been a little hectic the last couple days, haven't had much online time.:( that stinks because i love to spend time on this forum, great people, great pics, and tons of great ideas i find here EVERY time, i am here.;):D ANYWAYS,..its 11:50, and i have to be to work by 6:00, so i really have to be getting to bed, and the way it looks Thurs and Fri i will have my hands full, so this weekend I'm going to fill those that read this thread in on the plans for the new HO layout.:D THANK YOU, for your interest Ken,:) -Dean
two weeks ago i stopped by dads after work. we were sitting in front of the HO switching layout wishing we had the room to make a bigger HO layout, so we could run the bigger stuff we have, passenger trains, big freights and such. between the N"empire" and the HO switching layout, there is just no more room. the N layout (19'x8') has just been sitting there for months collecting dust, we like it and have a fortune in it, so we weren't about to tear it down. the thing about it is, the HO switching layout is DCC(DCC=TONS more fun;)), and is bigger, easier for dad to work with these days. then i remembered CP990's new layout, Dave has combined both HO and N in ONE layout, i thought that was a neat idea. i got thinking, hey, we could do that!:eek: so we were looking it over and decided the whole top half of the N layout would be converted to DCC HO!;):D 80% of the N layout(DC) is on the lower part, so we wouldn't be loosing alot except the long run that was on the top section, and two industries that were up there, not a real big loss. on the top section that we will convert to HO, we will have a 43' complete circle with 2 passing tracks, and 2-3 industries. not much for operations, more like a railfan type layout, so we can watch our big stuff go through the country side. if we feel like doing operations, we still have the HO switching layout.;):D we have already tore up all the N track on the top section, added some boards and will start putting the HO track up after Christmas.:D the pic below will kinda give you an idea of what were doing, where the N Milwaukee switcher is, will soon be HO. i will post pics of the progress after Christmas. thanks,:) -Dean
well, have been over to dads for the last two days, went to the LHS and bought 4 packs of 22r curves, 10 pieces of flextrack, 4 #6 turnouts and 2 new tunnel portholes. along with track and switches saved from previous layouts, that should just about do it for the track needed. cleaned off all the areas where track is two be laid, and took the N portholes out of the mountain and cut out the openings for the HO portholes. luckily we did this without doing ANY damage to the rest of the mountain.;):D NO pics this weekend, but will be laying the track next weekend, so will show the progress then. this also will give me a chance to show off my undecorated FM H16-44 i painted as CNW and detailed. it WAS a Bachmann spectrum, but ran like crap so i put an Atlas RS3 motor and frame under it, changed the fuel tank to an FM. i put a Soundtraxx FM sound decoder with one of Tony's Dream speakers in it, runs/sounds like a dream now.;):D i have an athearn CNW Trainmaster i have also detailed, new track would give me a good reason to take a pic of that too. well, thats it for this week. thanks,:) -Dean
OK, i am leaving last year, and going to go into this year with 3 posts. this being 1 of 3 closes the DCC HO switching layout with 3 shots to give you the overall of it. in all my other pics of the switching layout i only showed closeups, so i thought i would end it with overalls.:) the next post(2/3) will show my last two projects i finished last year. and the last post(3/3) will bring in the new year with the current progress on the DCC HO/ DC N layout. I HAVE PICS!:D, so hopefully this will not be boring;). thank you:), -Dean
OK, post 2/3. there are 3 engines i was doing toward the end of the year, sadly i only finished two of em. the third, a Cary H12-44, i hope to be finishing this month;). honestly, as busy as i have been lately, i was lucky to finish two out of the three;). below are the Bachmann H16-44 i finished, and the last two pics are an Athearn Trainmaster i somewhat detailed, MU hoses, front lower handrail, sun visors,etc. sorry about the poor quality on the pics of the steps it took to finish the H16-44, that whole darn roll didn't come out for crap:mad:. i hope to have the Cary H16-44 pics up sometime this month.:D -Dean
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CRIPES!:eek: i didn't realize i couldn't put all the pics i wanted to in the last post:eek:. here is part 2, of post 2.;) :p :D (still gotta get small black numbers for the #boards)
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last post for tonight, 3/3. i bring in the new year withs pics of the progress being made on the rebuild of the DC N layout, turning the top half of it into DCC HO!:eek::D one kinda sad note:(, the two pics of the engine yard in N was never finished, and now never will be. that area is going to be raised up to the top level and used for the HO part of the layout. besides the obvious progress we have made, 19' of the south side of the layout has NEW HO track on it!:D the last pic in this post has the two NEW BAD BOYS:eek::cool::D of the layout. i picked these up at the LHS yesterday;):D. both are Athearns DC, going to turn DCC(yea, like i need more projects:rolleyes:, why do i do this to myself?:D). ANYWAYS...the first is an AC4400, and the one behind it is my favorite EMD made, an SD40-2 SNOOT NOSE!:cool:, they are fresh out of the box, unbuilt, and on NEW laid track.:D *Johnny*, if you read this, i just noticed the pic of the Wisconsin southern E8 in the first pic i posted below. i forgot we had that hanging up there, so i cant remember if it's the E8 10A or E8 10C:p, but i just noticed it while i was resizing the pics for this post.:D thats it for now, THANKS:), -Dean
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