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grande man

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I'm facinated with local history (ya'll might have guessed :D ). Is that subject matter appropriate here (general discussion) or should we stick to MR subjects only? I don't want to wear anyone out with a subject I'm (perhaps overly) enthusiastic about. I want to do my part to make the forum interesting to the members. I originally debated about posting on the subject here and after four installments thought I'd see what eveyone else thinks. Check the poll. What say you?
Heck fellow, you shouldn't have to ask that question. Keep up the very good and interesting history posts. KenL said it perfectly, "...ham & cheese."
(Smacking lips like Homer Simpson)Mmmmmmm, HAM and CHEESE!!! Sluuuurp!

Grandeman, With the information you are sharing, you offer a purpose for the trains. Even though I myself do not model mining operations, I do have a large rock quarry on my layout. These insights give me a look at just how extensive these operations could be. I'll bet a nickle that as you are standing there looking at those things you can almost see the miners going about their work. What a great thing for this forum.

Looks like you got 100% still! I love it, I wish i had the time to go home to MI and do the same!
Other than the fact you're ugly and your momma dresses you funny, :D:D:D
I think you should keep posting!

I have lived here in the B'ham area for almost 15yrs, and spent a lot of time here as I was growing up. You're showing us places that I have seen either from the roadside in passing or had heard about but never knew they still existed.:):)

This is also part of my family history as my mother was born and raised in Johns, a mining community, northwest of Bessemer. My granddad worked at a Sloss Co. mine although I don't know which one.

Keep going Eric! Love the pix!:D
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Absolutely!!! Keep those history photos comin' our way! Part of the fun of MRing is to find historical fact and incorporate that into the layout somehow. This is true even on the most fanciful feelanced pike. I have done a great deal of searching to find local historical info as it pertains to the local rail services of many years ago. I think you are contributing some wonderful info. Keep it up! :) :) :)
As it looks now, I'll keep posting pics as I get them. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't wearing everyone out with this type post since it is somewhat OT here.

It's sure alot of fun to visit the historical sites, research them, and try to figure out how the buildings and tracks were laid out. The more information that's known, the more satisfying the experience. There's MANY more sites to see and study in the Birmingham District! So far, it's just been ore mines. I'd like to find the TC&I Fossil ore mines, Sloss #1, and visit the Banner coal mine (where 128 miners perished in an explosion in 1911). Josh, I'd encourage you to go exploring when you get home. It's interesting stuff for the industrial/RR history buff.

As Johnny figured, I do remember the people who labored in these mines and wonder who they were and how they lived. They're the most interesting mystery of all.

CJ, Any family history available relating to the topic at hand?

Ron, Rex and Ken, I'll try to keep the ham, or is that the cheese, coming. :D
After I voted, it was 10 to 0 in favor of keeping the history going...
I think I see where this poll is going, too!
Keep up the great posts!
As for enjoyable threads, I can't say there have been any better. As long as there is a subject I for one would like to hear about it. What surprises me is the amount of ruins left behind, around here you'd never know a mine existed it's all been bulldozed over and new structures erected.

RexHea said:
Heck fellow, you shouldn't have to ask that question. Keep up the very good and interesting history posts. KenL said it perfectly, "...ham & cheese."
And just to keep it healthy lets add Lettuce:) AWwww Heck let's add some Mayo and mustard:D

I hated history when I was in school because it was all about dates and names. Now I'm very interested in it especially as it relates to the evolution of transport of goods and people, be it by boat or train. Like a tapestry it's all connected behind the scenes.

I agree with everyone who has posted so far. While it has next to nothing to due with the era and area that I will model, I have found it very interesting and has opened my eyes to something rather cool. Fergie, if you hate history, more than likely you had a bad history teacher because the bad ones are all about names and dates. The good ones and I was blessed to have two of them during my years in public school make history come alive.

Keep up the great work.

History is very important to modeling..How else could we model a given era and area if we had no idea what railroads or industries was located in that area? How else could we correctly model a steam era locomotive service area? How could we correctly model the NYC,PRR,C&O,Erie, N&W etc if we didn't know some history of the era/area we wish to model and type of equipment used? The same applies for the industries that was served by rail in those days..
Ya know, this is another reason to love model railroading. I didn't realize that the historical aspect had such a following here. As I said before, I debated about even posting the first Bham History installment. I'm glad I did. History appears to be something else we all have in common.:cool: